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The Integrated Technology Platform for Local Government

Your Comprehensive Solution for Effective Civic Management

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Helping Local Governments to Do More with Less

Today’s most successful local governments need to foster collaboration not just among their people, but among the systems and software that power their administrations. Where siloed systems result in duplicative data entry, password fatigue, unintentional errors, and inefficiencies, integration among solutions enables assured accuracy, expedited service, and time optimization.


Your Citizen Engagement Solution Partner

Our powerful CivicPlus® Platform is the foundation on which all our CivicPlus® solutions are built, allowing them to work seamlessly and securely, leveraging existing data and reducing information silos so your administrative staff can collaborate efficiently.  


The Convenience and Simplicity of a Single Solution that Powers Your Administration

We enable you to create efficiencies in all areas of your local government, by delivering the tools you need and providing a complete view of every aspect of your municipality from one platform.

Our Platform is Comprised of Efficient, Citizen Driven Products

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Our Integrated Platform

What our platform has to offer

Sign Sign On

Maintain one username and password to log in and stay logged-in to multiple CivicPlus products at the same time.

Security Management

Our cloud-based solution offers the highest possible security levels for your civic and citizen data. Choose to leverage identity management solutions including ADFS or our SSO solutions with optional two-factor authentication.

Third Part Solutions

Connect other essential software products to the CivicPlus Platform and its solutions through our robust set of APIs.


A seamless user experience is just as essential for your citizens as it is for your staff. The mobile responsive solutions built on the CivicPlus Platform ensure every digital citizen interaction with your government is streamlined, convenient, and consistent.

Training & Support

When you work with CivicPlus, you do not just buy a product. You choose a partner and become part of the #CPfamily. From training to consulting, to 24/7/365 support, we serve as an extension of your team, helping you maximize your solutions and engage with your citizens.

Account Managers

After go-live, we will introduce you to your dedicated account manager, your strategic partner for ongoing optimization. Your account manager will ensure your solutions evolve as the needs of your local government evolve.

Learn how the CivicPlus Platform is revolutionizing the digital civic engagement experience from our experts:

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Uninhibited. Unlimited. Integrated.

API Integrations

We know that each municipality has unique needs and develops individualized solutions through software, data integrations, and custom programming to meet those needs. We help you to bring these pieces together in a single location. All of our services are built following an API-first development approach for ultimate flexibility in creating end-user experiences that are customized to meet the needs of your community.


No communication strategy is complete without social media, email, and text notifications. All your communication channels are unified within the CivicPlus Platform.


Our platform gives you the ability to leverage messaging, user management, document management, data stores, and ePayments via our integrated CP Pay™ solution.


Easily incorporate recorded and live videos anywhere on your website—no advanced technical knowledge required.

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Civic Payment

With our built-in, secure, PCI-compliant payment platform, local governments are empowered to accept payments from citizens across their systems, using one payment gateway solution. Additional fees apply.

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To learn more about the CivicPlus Platform, and how it can revolutionize your digital content management strategy, download our product brochure.

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Reach your goals with confidence

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