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Today’s most successful local governments need to foster collaboration not just among their people, but among the systems and software that power their administrations. We allow you to work seamlessly and securely, leveraging existing data and reducing information silos so your administrative staff can collaborate efficiently.


“We reviewed a few software choices, but we have enjoyed the opportunity to tie our recreation management software in with our CivicEngage® website. The continual innovation with CivicRec and the CivicPlus® Platform steered our decision. It was an easy choice.” 

- Jason Fredrickson, City of Ramsey Information Technology Manager

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Secure Single Sign-On

Eliminate password fatigue and duplicative login requirements for administrative staff.


Unified Identity Management

Streamline the identity management process for your Information Technology staff.


Robust APIs

Access and manage APIs related to your CivicPlus platform directly and with a consistent experience.


Convenience of Online Payment Transactions

CivicPlus Pay is a payment gateway that is accessible by all our software solutions, including CivicEngage, CivicRec and CivicOptimize, as well as any third-party software your administration utilizes today.


Strengthened Security

Choose to implement two-factor authentication at the organizational level.


Integration Hub

For simplified developer integrations and data sharing between CivicPlus solutions.

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