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Local Government Website Design

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CivicEngage is an easy-to-use suite of citizen engagement tools that enables local governments to communicate with their citizens without the need of technical knowledge or programming skills through its drag-and-drop user interface. CivicEngage local government websites are 100% responsive and viewable on any size device.

Local Government Website Design - La Porte, TX

MUNICIPAL Website Design


Easy to use local government website design


Simple enough to create a page in 28 seconds or less. Integrates easily into your existing systems.

local government website design - personalized service

Personalized Service

Best support and training in the industry, backed by 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee.

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The only provider with a consulting team of experts with 20+ years of local government experience.

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CivicEngage streamlines the process so your municipality can easily communicate information to citizens.

  • Enable your team to create and manage website content independently.
  • Quickly deliver time-sensitive news.
  • Document once, share everywhere.
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CivicEngage provides simple-to-use tools for your entire staff to contribute to your web presence.

  • Provide easy pointers to contact information and resources.
  • Shorten the line-ups by facilitating more transactions online.
  • Keep citizens in the know.
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CivicEngage allows local governments to future-proof their web presence to meet the emerging needs of their citizens.

  • Invite citizens to go online.
  • Keep your website up-to-date.
  • Leverage advanced features to encourage connections online.
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Web accessibility standards assure content can be easily used by everyone. We provide highly compliant websites based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 A and AA, which surpasses Section 508. Our commitment to ongoing code-base updates and compliant standards, ensure your municipal government website is useable by everyone.

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Cyber-security is a high profile topic that makes the news almost daily, and local government is increasingly becoming a target. We invest over $1.0M annually in hosting and security complying to the ever-changing security landscape. Our certified infrastructure team has the expertise and experience to protect your municipal government website.

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“We provide services via the website less expensively and more expediently, since we partnered with CivicPlus.”

Dave Stroble, Information Services Project Manager



Modules specifically for Local government

  • activities-icon.png


    The Activities module allows you to easily create activities that users may register for online. Set up an activity, modify the sign up form, and track users that have registered via the module.
  • agenda-center.png

    Agenda Center

    The Agenda Center allows key stakeholders to collaborate on meeting agendas and then publish final documentation online for public record using one, simple and streamlined system.  With the Agenda Center, clerks and communication managers can create, disseminate, publish, and archive public meeting information using one centralized, and integrated system.

  • alert-center.png

    Alert Center

    The Alert Center graphically shows when there is an emergency / important notification in the area. Notifications or updates can be sent out through email and / or text messages from the Notify Me module.
  • Calendar-icon.png


    Community events are some of the most important pieces of information your citizens are seeking on your civic website. The fully-integrated CivicEngage Calendar module allows administrators to more easily and seamlessly manage your digital community event calendar.

  • civicsend.png


    CivicSend is the powerful CivicEngage communication creation and distribution module. Fully integrated with the Notify Me communication subscription module, CivicSend allows users to send multi-channel citizen communications from one easy-to-use, integrated system. CivicSend saves time and streamlines communication management processes, helping your administration notify citizens of critical information quickly and efficiently.

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  • CivicMobile-icon.png


    With seamless integration, the CivicMobile app puts the power of your CivicEngage website conveniently the palm of your citizens’ hands. Updates to your site are automatically synced to the app in real-time. With the usage of mobile devices on a significant upward trend, CivicMobile is a must have for local governments.
  • mobileadmin-icon.png


    The MobileAdmin app allows website administrators to manage key administrative functions of your CivicEngage website anytime, anywhere from a smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to manage your website when you’re away from your desktop computer, helping you to more efficiently execute your citizen communication strategy.

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