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Local Government Website Security

We've got you covered.

Top Consequences of a Cyber-Attack


It can damage your reputation.


It can diminish your productivity.


It can cause a loss in revenue.


Every Industry is a Target



What is Hosting & Security?

  • Hosting

    Over 2,000 communities rely on CivicPlus to operate their website as a vital link to information for businesses, citizens, and prospective visitors and newcomers. In order to support these websites, we have partnered with a highly-respected collocation data center provider. Hosting generally refers to everything from the servers and internet connectivity, to redundant networks, firewalls, and network providers, to on-site 24/7 staff.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Is a component of hosting. A disaster is a major event that disrupts the primary data center. While our primary data center is in a highly reliable location and generally out of harm’s way, there is always a risk. That’s why CivicPlus offers a second, geographically diverse data center for disaster recovery.

  • Security

    Used in this context, generally refers to the safety and security of our clients’ data, website operations and overall viability of our solution to assure business continuity. Security can take the form of physical assets (e.g., firewalls), software assets (security testing), policies and procedures, and response plans (to mitigate an event).

Why is it important to provide Hosting, Security & Disaster Recovery?

There are six key advantages to having CivicPlus host a site versus remote hosting. It’s important that we convey these benefits to clients.

  • Reliability

    By relying on CivicPlus for these services (vs. remote hosting), our clients are able to gain significant increases in reliability thanks to our data center solutions. Our reliability is given at multiple levels:
    a. Tier II data center (99.9% reliability allows for up to 22 hours of downtime per year)
    b. On-site power backup and generators (prevent power loss)
    c. Redundant cooling systems
    d. Redundant network providers and paths – if one provider/path fails, there are backups

  • Cost Savings

    Since CivicPlus provides these services to thousands of clients, we are able to achieve economies of scale, plus we have significantly more bandwidth than necessary for any city or county.
    a. Increased bandwidth
    b. Better, secured facilities
    c. 24/7 staff, support & monitoring

  • Disaster Recovery

    Our primary and secondary data centers are located in geographically disparate areas of the USA. These locations are highly reliable and considered “safe zones” with respect to disasters.

    A. In the event of a disaster in a local community, many citizens will turn to the Internet to get information and assistance; if your data is stored with a local provider, they may be off-line as well. Plus, their first priority may not be the recovery of your site, but their own well-being.
    B. CivicPlus maintains a second, “warm” stand-by site that can be enabled within hours for those clients that have our disaster recovery options in place.

  • Best Practices

    Our Hosting team is solely focused on managing and maintaining a highly available, highly reliable solution. Our clients benefit from that focused knowledge and attention as we use best practices in everything we do.

  • Increased Threats to Local Government

    Over the past 2 years, attacks on government websites have increased substantially. According to the 2014 Akamai’s State of Internet Security report attacks were up +90% Q4 vs. Q3 2014. Many websites have been defaced or taken down. It’s not a question of “if you website will be attacked”, but “when?”

  • Security of Client’s Internal Networks

    By accepting that an attack is likely to occur at some point, one should work to mitigate the impact of an attack. By hosting your website with CivicPlus, you prevent an attack on your site from negatively affecting your city’s/county’s IT infrastructure. Increasingly, local governments are placing everything on their networks (phones, email, financial systems, courts, etc.) and separation of this information is a meaningful method of prevention.

Questions about security?

We've got answers!