CivicPlus Donates Over $1 Million to Recognize Local Heroes

Written by Jessica Marabella

Winners to Receive a New Municipal Website with Volunteer Subsite

CivicPlus is pleased to announce the 2020 Small Town America Civic Volunteer Award program winners. The initiative aims to shine a spotlight on the growing need for local engagement in critical civic roles. The top three winners include Rebecca Ketchum, President of the Norridgewock Historical Society from Norridgewock, Maine; Brian Shoemaker, Fire Captain, and Councilman from Gilt Edge, Tennessee; and Tammy Hutchinson, Hartwell Main Street Design Committee Chairwoman from the City of Hartwell, Georgia. These winners will receive cash awards of $10,000, $7,500, and $5,000 for their respective communities.

The top one hundred civic volunteer award winners will receive a new CivicCMS website, built by CivicPlus, at no cost, that will include a volunteer subsite to aid in future recruitment efforts. The complete list of all winners is available at

“We need difference-makers in our communities now more than ever. It is an honor to support and recognize this year’s winning organizations and volunteers and their relentless commitment to civic philanthropy and activism,” said Brian Rempe, CivicPlus Chief Executive Officer. “CivicPlus is committed to giving back to our local civic organizations. All of this year’s winners inspire us to continue innovating technology to help them achieve their goals. We cannot wait to see how this year’s winners leverage their prizes to further their efforts.”

According to this year’s top prize winner, Rebecca Ketchum, the prize money and the new website from CivicPlus will be crucial in helping Norridgewock meet its engagement goals.

“I want to thank CivicPlus for this great award, which will make a tremendous difference to this community,” said Ketchum. “It will encourage everybody that they can make a difference, and it’s going to boost people up. We can do a lot with this, and I thank you all very much.”

To see a list of winners and the video recording of the virtual award ceremony, visit

The Barton Russell Group administered the Small Town America Civic Volunteer Award.