CivicPlus® First to Deliver Integrated Citizen Engagement Platform for Local Government

Written by Jessica Marabella

First Platform-Integrated HCMS for Local Governments

CivicPlus, the leading solutions, and platform provider for local government has announced the launch of its CivicEngage Evolve (formerly Engage 6) citizen engagement platform for local governments. The announcement came during CivicSummitTM, CivicPlus’ inaugural user conference that is taking place this week in Kansas City, MO. CivicEngage Evolve is built on a headless content management system (HCMS) and is designed to enable omnichannel, device-agnostic communications for those municipalities that need advanced, integrative technology solutions to deliver a content as a service (CaaS)-based citizen engagement strategy.

According to Sascha Ohler, CivicPlus Vice President of Research and Development, CivicEngage Evolve was designed to address the evolving communication and data management needs of municipalities.

“We heard from our clients that the increasing pressures of shrinking budgets, staff resource limitations, and rising citizen communication and transparency expectations required a new approach to the way data and content are managed, and applications are integrated across local government operations,” said Ohler. “Today we are delivering the first local government-focused citizen engagement platform that will allow our clients to streamline their communication efforts, mitigate data and content redundancy, and integrate with existing applications to deliver better user experiences.”

CivicEngage Evolve is an integrated citizen engagement platform that offers advanced communication and data management capabilities exclusively for local governments. It is built on an HCMS, a technology that separates the backend data repository from the front-end content delivery layer.CivicEngage Evolve enables data and content to be stored within the CivicPlus® Platform, the foundation on which all CivicPlus solutions are built, and shared across CivicPlus solutions and third-party applications. The front-end allows content authors to create content once and publish it across any channel regardless of form-factor or output layer.

“Historically, if a municipality needed to issue a boil water advisory, for example, they would have to create the content and publish it multiple times using multiple content formats based on the needed communication platforms, such as social media, their website, their mass notification system, and other channels,” explained Ohler. “With CivicEngage Evolve, now they create the content one time and can publish it to any integrated channel, independent of format, using either pre-built connectors to existing applications or the robust API we provide. This advancement makes the integration capabilities of CivicEngage Evolve almost endless. Providing solutions that break down data and content silos is just one more way that we are meeting our commitment to building solutions that address the evolving needs of local governments."