CivicPlus® Releases First Citizen Engagement and Content Delivery Platform Built for Local Governments

Written by Jessica Marabella

Integrated CivicPlus® Platform and Engage 6 HCMS Offer Advanced Data Management and Communication Delivery
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CivicPlus, the leading solutions, and platform provider for local government, has announced the launch of its Engage 6 citizen engagement platform for local governments. The announcement came during CivicSummitTM, CivicPlus’ inaugural user conference that is taking place this week in Kansas City, MO. Built on a headless content management system (HCMS), Engage 6 leverages the CivicPlus® Platform, the foundation on which all CivicPlus solutions are built, as its backend data repository and combines it with a decoupled front-end delivery layer to provide omnichannel, device-agnostic citizen communications, online service delivery, and data management. With the launch of Engage 6, CivicPlus is now the only technology provider exclusively serving the public sector, to offer a comprehensive and integrateable technology platform.

“We committed several years ago to become the integrated technology platform that powers local government,” said Sascha Ohler, CivicPlus Vice President of Research and Development. “Today, with the launch of our Engage 6 citizen engagement platform, we are delivering on that promise.”

 While several CivicPlus solutions already leverage the CivicPlus Platform and its robust functionality, such as CivicRec® recreation management software and CivicClerk® agenda and meeting management software, the release of Engage 6 marks a paradigm shift in how local governments can deliver communications and engage with citizens.

“Today’s citizens expect omnichannel, seamless, and transparent access to their local leaders,” said Ohler. “By building the first citizen engagement platform on an HCMS, Engage 6 allows local governments to leverage a content as a service (CaaS) engagement strategy to better meet the communication and self-service expectations of their citizens.”

A select group of Beta users has been building and publishing digital content using Engage 6 for several months; however, today marks the official, mass external launch and availability of this advanced technology offering.

On May 8, CivicPlus and Governing will host a webinar with more information about HCMS technology and CaaS as the next evolution of citizen engagement. Click here to register.

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