Time Saving Software for Local Government to Help You Efficiently Serve Your Citizens

• Move Your Services Online
• Reduce Paper-Based Processes
• Increase Efficiency

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To Save Time and Become the Government Your Citizens Expect, You Have to Embrace Modern Technology

But There’s a Problem...

You don’t know where to start

Paper-based processes are inefficient, slowing you down

You’re stuck with a manual process

Consolidating software is overwhelming

Streamlining your services online isn’t easy

Staff can be resistant to change

CivicPlus® has everything you need to modernize your government. And at a cost that is tailored to meet your budget.

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Save Staff Time and Serve Your Citizens More Efficiently with CivicPlus


Eliminate Data Silos

Eliminate Data Silos

Reduce data redundancy and increase transparency and visibility into your operations.

Streamline Operations

Streamline Operations

Eliminate paper, reduce steps, and get work done.

Delight Citizens & Staff

Delight Citizens and Staff

Focus on strategic initiatives to move your community forward.

Here’s the Plan

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Tell Us Your Challenge



Get a Solution Tailored for You



You Wear the Cape

As citizens and partners of government we understand your unique needs and the challenges that you face with technology to enable greater efficiency.

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4,000+ Local Communities Trust CivicPlus


Users save more than 10 hours per week on average


More than 100,000 administrative users served


Backend Efficiencies

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Automate routine manual process to free-up staff time for strategic projects and expedite citizen service resolution.

Breakdown Siloes

Breakdown Software Siloes

Store data in a single repository, eliminating data redundancies and improving cross-departmental collaboration.


Configure Digital Processes

Build department and administration-specific forms, apps, and workflows to accept and resolve inquiries and complete transactions.

Achieve Digital Transformation

Meet Modern Demands

Meet Modern Demands

Bring contactless government to your citizens and give them the convenience and quality of modern digital interactions.

Enable 24 7 Service

Enable 24/7 Citizen Service

By servicing citizens online they can pay bills, sign up for classes, and submit applications 24/7/365, not only during business hours.


Future-Proof Your Operations

Online workflows and self-service tools safeguard your operations from another disruptive pandemic or natural disaster.

Retain Top Talent


Give Staff Modern Tools

The next generation of local government leaders expects modern tools and systems to do their job. Delight them and reduce attrition.

Improve Interdepartmental Collaboration

Interdepartmental Collaboration

Systems that share data enable collaboration and eliminate the physical distance between offices, resulting in more engaged staff.

Empower Success

Empower Team Success

When employees have access to the tools and information they need to perform high-quality work, they’ll exceed expectations.

Report on Achievements

Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting

Showcase to citizens how your administration is transforming their taxpayer dollars into community offerings with easily accessible and integrated data.

Build Trust Through Transparency

Build Trust Through Transparency

Digital systems visible to the public hold staff accountable and allow citizens to witness progress, which builds trust.

Digitize Agendas and Meetings

Digitize Agendas and Meetings

Allow citizens to stay informed about the topics they care about most and watch livestreaming and recorded public meetings.

Local Government Efficiency and Operations Solutions and Partners

Our suite of integrated solutions includes:


Website design and hosting for the hub of your online operations.

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Comprehensive management for your parks and recreation organization.

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311 and citizen request management software for quicker routing and response.

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Agenda and meeting management for easy to manage transparency.

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Ready-to-use apps and forms to enable citizen self-service interactions and online engagement.

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Talent recruitment, onboarding, and performance management solution to streamline hiring.

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CivicPlus Media

Live streaming and recorded video services for public meetings to build transparency and trust.

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CivicPlus Pay

The utility application that connects your CivicPlus solutions to select payment gateways.

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We offer collaboration with the following partner solution:


Our cybersecurity partner specializing in managed detection and response, managed endpoint detection and response, managed security services, compliance and risk services, and incident response readiness. CivicEngage website security and hosting services for CivicPlus clients are provided exclusively by our internal CivicPlus security and hosting team.

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Stop Struggling to Get Work Done and Streamline Your Operations with CivicPlus

Sped up by COVID-19, 90% of citizens are now doing business online, face-to-face transactions and paper-based processes are no longer a viable option. With CivicOptimize, you’ll bring your government online, increase efficiency, and meet your citizens’ expectations.



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