Webinar: CivicPlus® Process Automation and Digital Services 
Quarterly Enhancements


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Your Process Automation and Digital Services software team has implemented several enhancements based on valued customer feedback. 

In this recording we cover:

  • Submission Data – A new way to view, analyze, and export submission data
    • Data manager  
    • Repeatable set filter and export ability data manager 
    • Data manager applet

  • Detailed Permission functionality – Specifying what people can see and do 
    • Permissions update to the owner role, breaking out roles, team members, and enhancement policies (data manager) 
    • Environment separated permissions 

  • Features Requests – Easier help and participation options for the future of the product  
    • FeedBear addition and new location of support link
      Note: FeedBear is a new addition that allows you to request enhancements and vote for your favorites

  • Auditing – Major improvements in visibility to see track changes, when they were made, and by whom 

  • Payment Data – How to make payment data more visible and accessible
    • Payment data included in the SDK