Local Government Hiring Toolbox.pngWhat's in the eBook? 

You know what you want in a government employee, but you may not know how best to recruit, hire, and onboard that individual for the greatest success. Local governments have unique hiring challenges, which means you need all the tips, advice, and resources available to find—and keep—the best people working for your community.

Recruit, hire, and onboard the best people using the proven methods in this ultimate hiring toolbox, built specifically for local government.

This eBook will help you:

  • Write engaging job ads

  • Manage the requisition process

  • Convert job descriptions to performance profiles

  • Streamline the qualification screening process

  • Leverage social media for recruitment

  • Ask insightful interview questions

  • Successfully communicate with applicants

Bonus: Free local government new employee onboarding checklist

Download our ultimate Local Government Hiring Toolbox now, and start taking your hiring processes to the ultimate level.

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