Vaccine Communication and Registration Support for Local Governments

After months of hardship and loss, you and your citizens feel hopeful for the end of the COVID-19 crisis as all eyes turn to vaccine distribution. However, your next challenge is to respond to the pressure to provide accurate and actionable vaccine information and appointment registrations.


Across municipal websites, we’ve observed an over 850 percent increase in visits related to the keyword “vaccine.”

Vaccine Communication
Success Plan

As your citizens flood your website, looking for hope and access, do you have the digital capabilities to offer them the information, updates, and appointment registrations they desperately need?

1. Allow Citizens to Sign Up for Proactive Vaccine Availability Alerts

Centralize all your COVID-19 vaccine information, updates, and resources on one web page and allow citizens to sign-up for alerts and notifications when you update it.

We encourage our CivicEngage® website design and hosting clients to use our included NotifyMe® subscription and notification solution. To maximize your mass notification capabilities, our CivicReady® solution allows citizens to sign up for alerts via email, mobile app, text/SMS, and phone message.


2. Add Secure Registration Forms to Your Website

When registering for a vaccine appointment, your citizens will be providing protected health information (PHI). You must ensure you can protect their information from cyberattacks and other data threats. Ensure you are using secure forms on your website.

We offer two flexible solutions.



CivicOptimize® Form Templates

Our ready-to-use forms are easy enough for anyone of any technical ability to add to their website or citizen portal quickly.

Our form templates are designed with workflow automation capabilities for health departments and can be implemented within hours. Use our configurable forms for such needs as intaking PHI before a clinic visit, conducting clinical preference evaluations, and contact tracing.


CivicEngage® Encrypted Forms

Add our Encrypted Forms package to your CivicEngage Website to maximize data collection security.

Encrypted forms add a layer of security to safeguard citizen data and submissions, including financial transactions and credit card data, PHI, and file attachments that include personally identifiable information such as citizen social security numbers.

3. Automate Your Customer Service Capabilities

To help alleviate the burden on your staff of manually responding to hundreds (or tens of thousands) of individual citizen inquiries related to vaccine availability and registration, leverage automated customer service technology embedded into your website.

We offer our CivicEngage clients access to our new AI-Powered Chatbot*. It simulates staff-citizen interactions and automates customer service responses within your website, giving citizens immediate access to information and actionable answers.


Chatbot provides over 60% high-confidence automated answers

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Step-1-Laptop At CivicPlus®, we’ve been supporting our over 4,000 clients in their vaccination communication efforts and are helping them optimize their response strategies. Our local government emergency communication specialists recommend the three tactics above to ensure your citizens can find vaccine information, register for an appointment, and get protected.

For help implementing these solutions as part of your COVID-19 communication response or for a custom solution design to address your unique engagement challenges, complete this form, and a member of our solution team will contact you.

*CivicPlus Chatbot is powered by Frase.