With the Right Partner, You Can Be Confident in Your Website's Compliance Strategy

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Aired on: October 19 , 2017
Length: 1 hour

You have ensured your website is prepared to meet the latest Section 508 compliance standards come January 18, but then what?

How will you ensure ongoing compliance as your website's content and your content managers change throughout the year?

With a growing number of individuals filing lawsuits and issuing demand letters alleging public websites are not accessible, is your community prepared to maintain compliance?

Presented by accessibility experts from CivicPlus®, and its accessibility remediation partner, AudioEye, this webinar will prepare you to:

  • Understand the implications of the DOJ including website accessibility on its list of "2017 Inactive Actions."
  • Maintain continuous compliance after January 18, and future-proof your accessibility content strategy.
  • Take a team approach to accessibility by partnering with expert solution providers.

With a powerful CMS that enables accessibility automation and the support of a reliable accessibility expert resource, your municipal website can be future-proofed for continual compliance, without adding steps to your content publishing workflows.

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About Your Host: Jessica Jones

As a human resources business partner, Jessica is primarily responsible for the employee learning, development, and onboarding programs at CivicPlus. Her expertise in stimulating enhanced employee growth and performance has been influential in helping CivicPlus maintain its annual ranking as one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Over the past three years, Jessica has worked to shape the training and leadership development programs at CivicPlus, which have served as key components of the company’s employee retention strategy.

A former department manager at CivicPlus, Jessica’s past leadership experiences have also helped her to gain a comprehensive understanding of the needs of both individual contributors and managers from a training and development perspective. Her passion for learning and commitment to ensuring all CivicPlus employees reach their full growth potential has allowed CivicPlus to continually achieve its corporate goal of retaining some of the best talent in the technology industry.