Learn Top Talent Acquisition Secrets

To Writing Job Ads and Descriptions that Will Flood Your Applicant Pool

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Duration: 30 minutes

If you’re using outdated, uninspiring job descriptions to advertise open positions in your community, you shouldn’t be surprised that your applicant pool is, well, shallow. Top talent recruiters know how to write job ads that intrigue and job descriptions that entire a broad pool of applicants. And so can you.

Join the talent recruitment experts at CivicHR®  to learn the critical difference between a job description and a job ad and how to use both effectively to flood your applicant pool.

Our webinar will teach you:

Why a job description is not a job ad
How to craft descriptions and ads that make an immediate impact and attract top talent
How to create recruitment content that will allow you to hire individuals who will support the mission of your municipality
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About Your Host: James C. Johnson

James is a talent acquisition professional and hiring veteran with over eight years of experience in executive recruitment, corporate talent acquisition, employee retention, employment branding, college relations, and training and development. James has assessed thousands of resumes and hired hundreds of individuals in various positions from entry level to C-suite executives in various industries.

James was born and raised on a small family farm in southwest Kansas and brings to the table hardworking ethics instilled in him as a young man. James’ goal is to assist and consult on the matters of recruitment and talent acquisition using social media, direct marketing, and other online resources to attract top talent to their organizations.