What Our Integrated Technology Platform Means For You

Watch our Webinar About the Future of CivicPlus®

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We set out to be the integrated technology platform for local government, and today we are excited to share what the realization of our vision means for you, and how it will help you move your digital presence, and your community, forward in powerful ways.

Join Ben Sebree, CivicPlus® Platform Product Director, to learn how we are revolutionizing the local government citizen engagement and content delivery model with our latest innovation. This webinar discusses:

  • Why we have built a platform to meet the evolving needs of local governments and their digitally-minded citizens
  • How we are solving the challenges of siloed information and data redundancy
  • How our CivicPlus Platform will allow for better collaboration and time-saving efficiency
  • How a single platform for accessing all our unified applications and product solutions will allow you to do more—with less.
  • What you can expect next from the leaders in civic engagement and local government technology solutions
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About the Hosts:

Ben Sebree

As the Product Director of the CivicPlus Platform, Ben leads the product's strategy and overall vision. He holds Bachelor degrees in Management Information Systems and Human Resources, and an MBA from Kansas State University. He has over ten years of experience in the technology space with six years focusing on digital transformation and enterprise platforms. Throughout that time, Ben has had a multitude of experience working with government entities of all sizes, enabling them with platform functions facilitating integrations, FOIA requests, DoD records management compliance and software accessibility.

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Rachael Walker

As the product marketing manager for CivicEngage® and the CivicPlus Platform, Rachael leads the product messaging and go-to-market strategy for the nation’s leading provider of integrated government software solutions. She has focused her career on marketing in the technology and software sectors and has ten years of experience researching the ways that digital solutions impact the lives of businesses, citizens, and their governments.

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Nicole Anderson

As a CivicPlus Product Manager, Nicole is responsible for leading product innovation efforts to ensure CivicPlus’ local government solutions continue to evolve as the needs of local government evolve. Over the past seven years, she has acquired in-depth knowledge of the digital solutions that city and county governments need and want to engage with their communities and provide meaningful services. Nicole’s past experiences at CivicPlus have allowed her to work in client care, sales, and product engineering before joining the product strategy team. Nicole’s energy is fueled by her desire to lead initiatives that help governments work better, and help citizens lead better lives.