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Municipal Web Design & Software Built For Local Government

The Integrated Technology Platform for Local Government

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Efficient, Citizen Driven Products for Local Governments

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Our powerful CivicPlus® Platform is the foundation on which all our CivicPlus® solutions are built, allowing them to work seamlessly and securely, leveraging existing data and reducing information silos so your administrative staff can collaborate efficiently.  

Websites & Hosting

Built for local governments by the experts in local government, our content management system (CMS) is an easy-to-use software platform for designing an engaging civic website and enabling streamlined web-based processes.

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Mass & Emergency Communications

Whether communicating routine or emergency news, we allow you to quickly, within seconds, alert recipients with actionable information using a single interface–saving you time, while amplifying the reach of your time-sensitive message.

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Agenda & Meeting Management

The fastest, most intuitive way to automate agenda management, meeting minutes management, and the sharing of meeting content with board members, staff, and your citizens.

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Employee Management

The easiest-to-use local government human resource management solution. CivicHR offers a flexible, comprehensive, and integrated cloud-based solution streamlines the hiring process.

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Parks & Recreation

Whether the public is using the recreation registration software to sign up for programs, renting facilities, or just browsing, you can be confident that your parks and recreation department is presenting an easy to use option for the public.

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311 & Citizen Request Management

We allow you to use a variety of convenient channels to capture and respond to citizen needs. Serving as a centralized hub to manage and monitor all citizen communications.

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Join Us at Our User Conference

Join CivicPlus® users for some networking and fun in one of the most innovative cities in America. Kansas City will be the host to CivicSummit™ 2019.

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The Platform.

Your Comprehensive Solution for Effective Civic Management

We know things have changed for you. Citizens’ expectations are on the rise while resources are dropping, and now, more than ever, you need a partner who can give you more. More solutions, more “aha” moments, and more tangible results for your municipality.

The Integrated Technology Platform

Build a Resilient Municipality

What our integrated platform has to offer

Our employees specialize in website development and software for local government. Local government websites and software need to be optimized for efficiency. Just having a website is not enough. We ensure you get the most out of it.


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Get in touch with us online. We proudly serve over 2,500 local governments including states, municipalities, townships and counties.
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Visit our Help Center, where you can find all the valuable information you need on our products, or submit a ticket for assistance.
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