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CivicPlus® Integrations and Platform-Level Functionality

Build your tech stack with CivicPlus and enjoy the time-saving benefits of truly integrated technology for your staff and community members.



Save Time and Build Trust Through Transparency

We understand that modern municipalities require a comprehensive and integrated approach to technology. That’s why we offer a range of platform-level functionalities, including robust APIs, secure single sign-on (SSO), and unified identity management options. The result is less time managing passwords and more time building positive civic experiences.

Uninhibited. Unlimited. Included.

Today’s most successful local governments need to foster collaboration among their people and the systems and software that power their administrations. We allow you to work seamlessly and securely, leveraging existing data and reducing information silos so your administrative staff can collaborate efficiently.

Robust APIs Icon

Robust APIs

Powering Seamless Data Exchange and Innovation

Your administration relies on various software applications to streamline processes and deliver services effectively. Our robust application programming interfaces (API) serve as the backbone of our technology ecosystem, enabling seamless data exchange and integration between different systems. These APIs facilitate the flow of information, ensuring that your crucial data is available when and where you need it.

Connect to Third-Party Systems or Innovate Within Our Solution Suites

Use APIs to connect your CivicPlus solutions to the third-party tools you use most frequently, or leverage our easy-to-use Integration Hub tool to make unique connections between our software tools that fit your processes and workflows.

Flexible and Open Infrastructure

Our APIs are extensively documented, making integration with your existing software solutions quick and straightforward.

Greater Collaboration = Happier Communities

Enhance operational efficiency, reduce data silos between departments, and promote innovation through automated data sharing.

Cost-Effective and Agile Technology Solutions

Tap into a wide range of specialized APIs to save development time and enable staff to focus on more strategic community projects.

Having everything integrated is much simpler, and having one technical support team to go to with questions instead of several is ideal. We enjoy having everything in one place.

Administrative Assistant to the Board of Selectman, Dighton, MA

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Products Overview

Effortless Single Sign-on (SSO) Across CivicPlus Solutions

Access All Your CivicPlus Solutions with a Single Username and Password

Communities with robust tech stacks deserve easy access to their solutions and shouldn’t have to maintain a notebook of usernames and passwords to access mission-critical tools. Our integrated platform-level technology means you can log in once and navigate between all your CivicPlus solutions from our Platform interface because secure system access should never stand in the way of responsive resident service.

Secure Staff and Resident System Access

Even though CivicPlus customers only need a single username and password to access their integrated tech stack, you can feel confident that our systems maintain the greatest possible security standards. Thanks to our security and hosting team, we are a leader in compliance tools for government with world-class protection designed to safeguard systems and infrastructure, including the personal privacy of individuals.

Simplified Access, Amplified Security

We understand the significance of protecting sensitive data while ensuring streamlined access to essential applications. Our SSO solution is designed to provide both convenience and robust security.

Access Your Solution with One Login Credential

SSO eliminates the need for managing numerous passwords, simplifies the user experience and reduces the risk of password-related security breaches.

Seamless Data Sharing and Integration

When users are authenticated through SSO, they can access data and functionalities across different CivicPlus applications without the need to log in separately for each one.

Unified Identity Management for Your Government Software

Simplified User Administration for Busy Government IT Team

Managing user identities across various applications, systems, and departments can be time-consuming for any government IT team. CivicPlus’s unified identity management capabilities simplify the process, enabling your municipality to efficiently manage user identities and access privileges from a centralized platform.

Customize and Easily Manage User Permissions

Maintain granular control over user permissions, ensuring that the right people have access to the right resources. Our platform enables easy user provisioning, de-provisioning, and role-based access control, simplifying user administration and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

Enhance User Productivity

With a single set of credentials, staff can seamlessly access multiple applications, accelerating task completion and boosting overall efficiency.

Efficient User Administration

Create, update, or delete user accounts from a centralized dashboard, saving time and effort that would otherwise be spent on individual application management.

Seamless Access to Services

Unified identity management ensures that staff can seamlessly access systems and data without having to create separate accounts for each application.

How To Get Started With Local Government Software

Tell us your local government challenge

Tell us your local government challenge

Choose the implementation plan for your government platform

Choose the implementation plan for your government platform

Create digital experiences that delight residents and staff

Create digital experiences that delight residents and staff