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Municipal Clerk Software Solutions

The backbone of both large and small local governments, and even of the democratic process, is the clerk’s office. Clerks have the responsibility to carry out elections, manage meetings, record and maintain official records and provide a variety of services to the general public. CivicPlus provides a robust suite of solutions that address challenges clerks face, providing a modern government interface.

Typical Challenges for Clerks

Challenge 1

I’m spending too much time and using too many resources creating agendas and managing the meeting process.


Our automated, yet flexible solution can reduce the time spent creating agendas and managing meetings from days to minutes, while still providing you with full control over your processes.

Woman reads a tablet showing agendas of Elbert County, Colorado

I spoke to some fellow clerks and asked for references. For the price and the functionality and how many meetings we can hold, and the a la carte menu for additional services, things like video streaming, CivicClerk was the best fit for us.

Elbert County, CO Seal

Dallas Schroeder

County Clerk, Elbert County, CO

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Challenge 2

Sometimes I struggle with building resident trust and with managing requests concerning legislation.


When utilizing our cutting-edge online code hosting portal from Municode Codification – equipped with instant delivery options of new or amended code backed by our industry-leading legal team – you can build public trust by providing always-accurate, always-up-to-date access to the laws that govern your community.

The product that can help

Codification icon


Product info
An iMac computer on a wooden desk

CivicPlus acquired Municode in 2022. Today Municode Codification and Online Code Hosting are part of the CivicPlus Civic Experience Platform.

Logo of Gunnison City

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Challenge 3

My current website requires additional manual steps to get my content out and to engage with the public.


Our Agenda & Meeting Management solution can be fully integrated with your CivicPlus municipal website and its calendar, search, public portal, and notifications. With automatic publishing of your meeting content, you won’t need to take those extra steps to provide instant, accessible content to the public.

The product that can help

Agenda and Meeting Management icon

Municipal Websites

Product info
Laptop displays the website of Gulfport, Mississippi

We still wanted an automated agenda solution, but we wanted to find cost savings without giving up the features we were using,” remembers Cole. “I began to research over a six-month period and found CivicClerk, formerly BoardSync. It fit our needs. We liked the idea of still having an automated agenda system, but with CivicClerk we were also able to expand our available features and not spend as much money as we were spending for just agenda functionality.

Logo of Gulfport, Mississippi

Ronda Cole

the Clerk of the Gulfport Mayor-Council

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Challenge 4

As the volume and complexity of public records requests increases, so does the need to involve other departments that often delays responses and dilutes accuracy. As the front line in public records requests, my personal responsibility and concern for the effects of non-compliance on our agency has expanded considerably.


Using CivicPlus’ centralized, automated public records requests solution ensures effortless coordination across departments with roles and permissions, automated routing, due date tracking, and reminders, as well as robust extraction and redaction capabilities.

The product that can help

NextRequest icon


Product info
Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando, FL

Our records request process was cumbersome and inefficient, now we’re paperless & easy to operate.

Unified Government Of Wyandotte County Logo

Crystal Sprague

Court Administrator for the Kansas City, Kansas Municipal Court

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Challenge 5

It wasn’t until a public records request that involved social media was made did I realize our potential for non-compliance. Did we archive every post, comment, deleted comments, hidden content, photos and videos related to the request? I’ll never know until there’s a lawsuit.


CivicPlus’ Social Media Archiving solution takes out guesswork and ensures compliance. It archives every post, comment, hidden content, photo or video, still present or deleted, in real-time.

The product that can help

Social Media Archiving icon

Social Media Archiving

Product info
Pasadena police department station

By having ArchiveSocial, everything, including edited content, is recorded and available in case there are open records requests or if there’s a problem or complaint.

Pasadena Logo

Raul Granados

Sergeant Pasadena Police Department, TX

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