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CivicPlus Software for Parks and Recreation Teams

Recreation departments within a local government provide more than recreational opportunities. They are a source of revenue but more importantly, directly impact the quality of life. Benefits include providing community connection and improving physical and mental health. Organizing such a broad portfolio of events, facilities, and people is no small task, so CivicPlus offers parks and recreation software geared specifically for local government needs.

Typical Challenges for Recreation Departments

Challenge 1

Your Youth Sports Camp needs to keep track of and manage medical waivers and physical exam forms easily throughout the year for activity registrants.

Solution: Parks and Recreation Software

Recreation Management software allows you to securely upload and manage medical waivers and physical exam forms for activity registrants, streamlining the registration process and ensuring easy accessibility to these documents throughout the year.

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Parks and Recreation icon

Recreation Management

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Laptop displaying the Gwinnett County, GA website

Getting citizens engaged via the Internet and mobile devices was a challenge,” said Register. “Our previous system wasn’t capable of allowing citizens to register online. The only information we were able to post online were classes, activities, and special events. There were no facility rentals. We knew the day was coming when we needed to offer that kind of functionality.

Logo of Gwinnett County, GA

John Register

CPRP, Gwinnett County Community Services Manager

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Challenge 2

I need my parks and recreation management system to integrate and talk to my website.


Municipal Websites provides an integrated calendar that is synced directly with the CivicPlus Parks and Recreation Management software solution to keep available programs front and center on the website without having to worry about constantly updating it manually.

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Municipal Websites

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Challenge 3

I would like a way for residents to be able to easily report issues at my recreation facilities and parks- such as damage to trails or bathrooms that need to be cleaned.


SeeClickFix provides the perfect communication tool for members of the community that are actively working to maintain their parks and recreational facilities that they use and love.

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311 CRM Management

Product info
Phone showing a map of Gilbert

The CivicPlus® SeeClickFix 311 CRM provides instant feedback on submissions and allows resident users to upload pictures of what they are requesting.

Town of Gilbert, AZ logo

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Challenge 4

Facing inclement weather and needing to communicate that classes are canceled, and games are rescheduled to the public, fast.


With our Mass Notification system, you can quickly notify the public about weather-related cancellations and reschedules. The rapid alert system ensures that everyone stays informed and safe during inclement weather situations.

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Mass Notification System

Product info
Public Works worker looks at a mobile phone displaying the Bullard, Texas, homepage

The number of families with children are steadily increasing and making a rise in our demographics,” said Amburgy. “We have learned that we need to be strategic in the methods we use to reach our younger residents. We know it’s critical that our residents be able to receive our communications on a mobile device to accommodate their lifestyles.

Logo of the town of Bullard, Texas

Chelci Amburgy

Bullard Director of Public Relations and Communications, 2018

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