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Gilbert, AZ Turns Potholes Into Praise with SeeClickFix 311 CRM Software


Gilbert, AZ




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Optimize the resident request management process to enable greater ease of use.


The Town implemented the SeeClickFix 311 CRM solution.


Greater administrative functionality and enables more positive resident interactions.

What Was the Problem?

Receiving feedback from residents has always been a priority of service. One of the best ways to receive feedback comes through the use of a 311 service where residents can request fixes and alert community leaders of any problems that need to be solved. Unfortunately, however, what should be a straightforward process can be incredibly complicated. From unclear forms to slow response times, the previous 311 system used by Gilbert, Arizona, created communication gaps that stifled communications leading to unclear requests from community members and responses from leaders. From blank text boxes to missing fields for residents to list their contact information for a response, the City’s previous process for gathering resident requests was inefficient and didn’t enable positive civic experiences. In particular, the City’s previous system was designed to enable the forms to streamline administrative operations. However, they lacked intuitiveness for residents at the point of interaction.

What Was the Solution?

Gilbert, AZ, implemented Gilbert 311 using CivicPlus’ SeeClickFix 311 CRM software.

What Was the Result?

The SeeClickFix 311 CRM provided several benefits to citizens and local officials alike. SeeClickFix 311 CRM provides instant feedback on submissions and allows resident users to upload pictures of what they are requesting. It also provides the ability to receive email confirmations and updates throughout the request process and the ability to submit service requests anonymously. SeeClickFix is built to enhance the best possible user experience for the residents in the community rather than the leaders in the community, but it works in an organized and impactful manner that makes the service request process easier for leaders to review and complete and personalized and one-stop for citizens.

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