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Social Media Archiving Software Built for Compliance

ArchiveSocial Social Media Archiving Powered by CivicPlus

The most accurate and reliable social media archiving solution from the number one compliance leader in social archiving. Maintain compliance with public records laws and manage records from social media accounts in real-time with CivicPlus®.

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Capture Every Record from Your Social Communications with Government Social Media Archiving Software

Are you easily able to meet online records compliance expectations in your state?

Do you have a way to capture and archive deleted, edited, and hidden posts and comments?

Do you have a system in place that automatically alerts you when users post personally identifiable information, inappropriate images, and other policy violations?

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Are you currently using manual processes such as screenshots to achieve government social media records management?

How are you managing trolls, negative comments, and blocked users on your social networks?

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Learn how Social Media Archiving software works

CivicPlus is a leader in government compliance tools. Our government social media archiving, website archiving, and social media monitoring products provide the most accurate and comprehensive solution to remain compliant with public record laws. Download our social media records and archiving solution overview to see how our software can make social media records retention and management easy.

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Product Benefits

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    Comprehensive Archiving

    Capture and preserve all the content you post and engage with, including deleted, edited, and hidden posts and comments to support compliance.

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    Accurate Context Preservation

    Replay any of your records in their original context and ensure their authenticity with digital signatures, timestamps, and unmodified metadata.

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    Easy and Intuitive Interface

    Find records, add notes, or export content in its required format with advanced search, annotations, intuitive filtering, and one-click export features.

Social Media is Considered Public Record in all 50 United States

Select your state to check its public records and FOIA laws and how they impact government social media communications.

Use the interactive map to select your state and discover its online records compliance and social media records retention laws.

Government social media archiving software is the only way to maintain complete social media records management and properly respond to records requests.


Social Media Archiving Software Key Features

Enable in-record collaboration, capture the context for any social media record, eliminate disjointed conversations, and export conversations or specific comments exactly as they happened on your social pages in just a few clicks.


Alerts and Analytics

Advanced alerting for keywords, questions, personally identifiable information, inappropriate images, blocked users, and policy violations.

Alerts and Analytics Tools

Blocked Lists

Get alerts and track blocked users across your social media platforms; includes timestamps and the context of why the user was blocked.

Blocked Lists fact sheet

Online Records Compliance

Collaborate across access levels, control data, and define record retention periods with custom disposition rules while maintaining compliance.


Comprehensive Archiving

Connect directly with your social media platforms to capture and preserve all content your public entity posts and engages with, in one secure location.


Near Real-Time Capture

Capture a wide variety of content formats in full resolution and near-real-time, even if the message has been edited, deleted, or hidden.


Advanced Search

Find and export the records you need quickly with filters, keywords, and custom and automated tags to organize and easily manage your content.


Active Monitoring

Streamline and simplify your social content documentation with our active monitoring feature so you always know what data is being captured.


Ensuring Compliance

Comply with records management requirements and your state’s public records laws; easily respond to FOIA, eDiscovery, and litigation requests.

About our Social Media Archiving Software

The CivicPlus Social Media Archiving software brings peace of mind to entities across the globe, from the National Archives and Records Administration and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to cities like Palmer, Alaska, and New York, New York.

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Trusted by agencies of every size, including towns, cities, states, and the U.S. DOJ


More than a half billion social media records successfully archived for governments across the country


90% of all social media records are captured within 30 seconds of posting

10,000+ Customers Inspire Our Solutions

We build scalable solutions for entities of all sizes.

CivicPlus is the Number One Compliance Leader in Social Archiving


Social media is a public record. Capture every record from your accounts.


Our automatic software is critical because screenshots are not compliant with public records laws.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ArchiveSocial now CivicPlus® Social Media Archiving?

Yes, ArchiveSocial is now owned by CivicPlus, a leader in developing technology for local governments and is now named CivicPlus Social Media Archiving.

Customers can login to existing ArchiveSocial accounts here: ArchiveSocial Login

Is Social Media considered a public record?

In the U.S., government social media is considered a public record in all 50 states. Government bodies, law enforcement agencies, and school systems are obliged to comply with open record laws. In some circumstances, social media is also considered a public forum.

Are screenshots enough to be compliant?

No, they are not. Manual processes are inefficient for capturing and searching records and often don’t suffice in court. Challenges with the frequency of capture, hidden/deleted/revised content, and lack of meta-data to prove the authenticity of records leave agencies with significant risks for social media record retention. Learn more about what constitutes social media archiving and why it matters for compliance.

Can’t I just ask the social media platform for my records if I need them?

No, social media networks were built to facilitate the online connection of billions of private citizens to one another. They are not built for, nor bound to, public records laws and have no legal obligation to retain records for you. Learn more about how social media archiving software is critical for compliance.

Where can I find more information on CivicPlus software training?

If you are a current customer, visit our CivicPlus Help Center for on-demand training, tutorials, education, and product updates. Click here for more information about our virtual and on-site government software training.

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