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Public Records Laws and Social Media Retention in

Louisiana Public Records Act and Social Media

The Louisiana Public Records Act governs the preservation and maintenance of public records for government. Under the Law, public records are broadly defined to include any content, “regardless of physical form or characteristics, including electronically stored information or information contained in databases or electronic data processing equipment.” Therefore, social media records in Louisiana qualify as public records under the Law.

Louisiana Attorney General Guidance on Public Records Act

The State Attorney General has released guidance on the Louisiana Public Records Act. The document emphasizes the importance of a broad definition of public records that includes “any documentary materials without regard to their physical form or characteristics.” The Law was intended to “guarantee, in the most expansive and unrestricted way possible” the right of public access to government records. To uphold the intent of the law, social media records in Louisiana should be archived as a public record.

Louisiana Social Media Records Management in Practice

The Office of Louisiana District Attorney Warren Montgomery has implemented a robust social media policy to promote citizen engagement. This policy mandates that social media content will be archived and is subject to public records requests. This policy serves as a strong example for managing social media records in Louisiana.


How Social Media Archiving Works

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