Elected Officials

Elected officials may get the applause, but they also get the heartache as the ‘face’ of local governments. Mayors and commissioners and other elected positions put themselves out there and want ways for interactions between residents and the local government to be easy, transparent and efficient. With CivicPlus technology, communication, tracking and resolving issues is at the heart of how our software is designed.

Typical Challenges for Elected Officials

Challenge 1:

I need a way to stay informed about the issues my residents are facing in my community, what trends may be occurring and how efficiently they are being resolved.

SeeClickFix 311 CRM  Reporting functionality provides a great deal of insight into what is working and where different larger issues are arising and how specific initiatives are succeeding.  Transparency can be key to building resident trust and our 311 CRM can provide specific reporting indicating community trends and concerns.

The Product that can help

311 CRM icon

311 CRM Management

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A laptop with the map of Burlingame on the screen

The integration of SeeClickFix and Cartegraph allowed Burlingame to manage and monitor citizen requests in real-time.

Logo of the City of Burlingame

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Challenge 2:

People don’t know where to find voting centers.

SeeClickFix 311 CRM has  integrated mapping features that allows staff to update the locations of Voting Centers and provide a link of that map to the community.

The Product that can help

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311 CRM Management

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Kitsap County workers repairing a storm water issue

I think public works directors are looking to try to figure out a way to branch between their roads and their traffic and their sewer and stormwater,” said Gallardo. “At least here, that was our goal. We wanted one unified system.

Logo of Kitsap County, Washington

Angela Gallardo

Kitsap County Public Works Stormwater Division Program Manager

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Challenge 3:

Residents often don’t see the ways in which quality of life is protected through routine and emergency mass notifications. Ex: natural disasters require emergency communications before and during and routine communications to follow up.

Mass Notification bridges the communication gap, ensuring residents see the proactive measures taken for their safety. It allows for immediate emergency alerts during natural disasters, followed by routine updates on recovery efforts, effectively demonstrating the local government’s commitment to protecting the quality of life for its residents.

The Product that can help

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Mass Notification System

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Woman looking at the Village of Wellington website on her laptop

We saw what CivicPlus was able to do for us with our website redesign, so we thought, why not work with CivicPlus on a refresh of our alert system too?

Village of Wellington Circle Logo

Liz Nunez

Wellington Public Information Officer

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Challenge 4:

I need a website that enables seamless interactions between residents and our services. And one that provides timely and relevant information to my community, for example, voting centers or voter registration prior to an election.

Municipal Websites are purpose built to improve civic experiences online, first and foremost with effective content searches and timely and easy content management, in this case ensuring voters are informed and prepared to go vote. Also integrated is our Chatbot that can provide answers to common questions with minimal searching.

The Product that can help

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Municipal Websites

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Tablet screen displaying the West City Valley website homepage

Our overall experience has been pretty fantastic. I get asked by other cities all the time who I’m using and I always give rave reviews because we’re just as happy as could be with our website and the service we get.

Logo of West City Valley, Utah

Aaron Crim

Director of Public Relations & Digital Media, West Valley City

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Challenge 5:

I need a cost-effective way to assist our overburdened Clerk department, improve the meeting process for our board and comply with resident transparency expectations.

Our Agenda & Meeting Management solution is designed to automate manual tasks for clerks, improve ROI, foster cross-departmental collaboration, and digitize the meeting process for elected officials and residents.

The Product that can help

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Agendas & Meetings

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A laptop displays a list of the City of Escondio's agendas and meeting minutes

Compared to what we were spending before, we have reduced our agenda preparation time by 40-50%

Escondido, California logo

Zack Beck

City of Escondido City Clerk

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Challenge 6:

Our current city officials post online using our general social media accounts and  are representing the entire city and we need a way to preserve all records from past and current leaders in order to maintain proper records.

With CivicPlus Social Media Archiving, social media posts can be preserved even if former leadership’s posts are removed. Elected officials can also link personal accounts, further enriching your social media archive and promoting transparency and trust with residents.

The Product that can help

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Social Media Archiving

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A large pencil structure in the city of Casey, Illinois

It is definitely worth the money to have that safety net behind us, it’s a great peace of mind tool.

Jeremy Mumford

City Clerk Casey, IL

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Challenge 7:

I want to make life easier and safer for residents and business owners, while at the same time setting the stage for economic growth within our community.

Community Development Software is equipped with a collaborative staff interface designed to streamline community development projects and a transactional, public-facing portal, so that projects will be completed safer and quicker, prompting efficient growth and resident satisfaction.

The Product that can help

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Community Development

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Tablet with keyboard displaying the City of Nashua website homepage

[CivicPlus’ Code Enforcement, Permitting, and Licensing solution” is the easiest and most intuitive software that I’ve used. It was easy to implement, and it’s been easy to train others how to use it too.

Seal of the City of Nashua

Jason Toohey

City of Nashua IT Project Manager

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