CivicPlus for Public Safety

The health and vitality of a community directly depend on the safety and security of residents. Emergency Management officials protect and serve their communities. From natural disasters to violence, infrastructure failures and pandemics, planning and communication are at the core of this department’s mission. Technology solutions from CivicPlus can assist in communication, planning, management, and compliance.

Typical Challenges for Public Safety

Challenge 1:

Need to send out a geographically targeted mass notification to reach those in proximity to an active local shooting, including visitors and travelers.

Mass Notification’s location-based alerts allow you to swiftly send out a mass notification to everyone in proximity to a critical event, such as an active local shooting. This ensures that residents, visitors, and travelers alike are promptly informed and can take necessary safety measures.

The Product that can help

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Mass Notification System

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Woman looking at the Village of Wellington website on her laptop

We saw what CivicPlus was able to do for us with our website redesign, so we thought, why not work with CivicPlus on a refresh of our alert system too?

Village of Wellington Circle Logo

Liz Nunez

Wellington Public Information Officer

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Challenge 2:

With a variety of locations, data, and stakeholders involved with the planning, building, and oversight of projects, I worry about the ensuing public safety and compliance concerns.

With Community Development software, you can experience a single, comprehensive mobile solution integrated with building and municipal codes for your planning, zoning, permitting, code enforcement, licensing, inspections, and fire & life safety needs and confidently build safe communities.

The Product that can help

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Community Development

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Tablet with keyboard displaying the City of Nashua website homepage

[CivicPlus’ Code Enforcement, Permitting, and Licensing solution” is the easiest and most intuitive software that I’ve used. It was easy to implement, and it’s been easy to train others how to use it too.

Seal of the City of Nashua

Jason Toohey

City of Nashua IT Project Manager

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Challenge 3:

Residents are unsure who, how and where to contact the Municipality regarding public safety issues that are non-emergent.

311 CRM provides a central hub for residents to submit all kinds of requests to the government on their favorite device and an “omni-channel” inbox for staff where all resident requests of any type are consolidated for streamlined management and ensure requests can be tasked to the correct department or team.

The Product that can help

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311 CRM Management

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Picture of the City of Newark, New Jersey

We are making great strides toward becoming a digital community to better serve our residents. The addition of the Newark Connect application will empower residents to access government services through their smartphones and enhance our efficiency. Stronger use of technology is helping us create a safer, more collaborative and empowered Newark.

Seal of the City of Newark


NJ Mayor Ras Baraka

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Challenge 4:

I want a central source of information for emergent and non-emergent issues.

CivicPlus Municipal Websites provide a local government with a single source of truth for residents whether the information is emergent or routine and the ability to communicate with residents in a variety of ways including news highlights, effective content searches, request management, forms, and mass notifications.

The Product that can help

Municipal Websites icon

Municipal Websites

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Imac computer screen displaying the Montrose website homepage

The reaction to our portal has been very positive,” said Spear. “Our portal now tells a story about us. Our website is a first impression for people moving to the community and has even helped us recruit key employees.

Logo of Montrose

David Spear

Operations Manager for the City of Montrose Office of Business and Tourism

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