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Municode Codification and Online Code Hosting Software by CivicPlus

Deliver your code of ordinances via web, mobile, and print with CivicPlus® Municode Codification. We offer industry-leading Codification, Recodification, Supplementation, and Republication services in addition to Online Code Hosting.

Your Codifier Should Enable Positive Civic Experiences and Build Trust

Can you choose from a variety of options, such as full or self-service, or annual or per-page rates?

Can your residents easily navigate your code of ordinances within an intuitive and searchable online platform?

Can you automatically post new or amended ordinances to the public within minutes of the legislation passing?

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Are you able to integrate your code of ordinances with your agenda and meeting management processes and with your website?

Does your codification software enable your staff and residents to view the entire history of their code?

Does your codifier boast over a 99.99% accuracy rate?

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Integrated Solutions so You Can Govern, Serve, and Operate Efficiently

CivicPlus is the only local government provider with an integrated codification, agenda and meeting management, and municipal website solution offering.

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Codification Services from CivicPlus

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    Codification and Recodification

    With a 99.99% accuracy rate, our legal experts will consolidate your legislation into a logical and sequential code of ordinances while ensuring it is free from grammatical errors and conflicts.

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    Supplementation: Full or Self-Service

    Choose from our full-service or self-publishing software options. An optional annual fee allows you to supplement your code as many times as you'd like.

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    Code Publishing and Zoning Services

    Republish your code and experience code presentation at its finest, and opt in to our partnership with ViewPro to solve your complex zoning needs.

Feature Highlights from Our Online Products


Land Use & Zoning

With our innovative solutions and exclusive partnership with ViewPro, enCodePLUS, and our GIS integrations, we have the skills and tools you need to take your code to the next level.


Municipal Law Research Tool

Designed for attorneys, planners, developers, and clerks, access the most extensive municipal code library and search all codes and ordinances hosted by Municode.


Public Document Archival Tool

Public documents are uploaded and converted to PDF, auto-indexed for searchability, and immediately ready for browsing by residents and staff.


Self-Publishing Software

With SPS, you maintain total control of your code and can update your materials instantly and as often as needed for an annual fee.


Agenda & Meeting Management

Experience immediate code updates to the public and unparalleled transparency benefits with our Agenda, Meetings and Codification integration.


Track Changes with CodeBank Compare

See new and modified badges in the table of contents to indicate changes as you browse. Leverage the Compare Versions button to compare sections and see what has been updated.


Industry-Leading Search

Enter a keyword, phrase or use boolean operators to receive granular search results, complete with hit highlighting, from multiple content types.


Receive Code Notification Updates

Staff and residents can sign up for notifications when laws are updated. This functionality works in tandem with CodeBank Compare to notify users, via email, of online code changes.


Store and Search with OrdBank Solution

Easily access your ordinances, saving time and money. Store, search, and link your original ordinances anywhere in your code.


CodeBank Comprehensive Archive

Each time your code is updated online, we create a permanent archive of the previous version. Over time, see how your code has evolved over the years.


Connect to Legislation with OrdLink

OrdLink is an enhancement to OrdBank that links your newly adopted legislation to the affected section. Alert staff and residents as ordinances are adopted.

The Nation’s Oldest, Most Trusted Codifier

With over 70 years of experience, Municode Codification is the oldest and most trusted codifier in the nation.

Whether it’s through codification or recodification processes, full-service or self-service options, online legislative search tools, or integrations with our Agenda and Meeting Management and Municipal Website solutions, CivicPlus provides local governments with the best-in-class technology and award-winning customer service.


CivicPlus serves over 4,200 clerk customers in municipalities of all sizes


Over 99.99% code accuracy rate


More than 120 professionals serving code needs

Municipal Code Solution Success Stories

From small rural counties to large metropolitan cities, we’ve got you covered.

Codification by the nation's leading experts


Trust the CivicPlus team that includes full-time attorneys with extensive experience.


Provide your residents with the latest, most up-to-date ordinances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a municipal ordinance?

An ordinance is a piece of legislation that has been voted upon and enacted by a municipality.

What is a municipal code library?

A municipal code library is a published, comprehensive set of laws that have been formally codified by a governing body.

Can I self-publish my local government code of ordinances?

Absolutely. CivicPlus offers a self-service solution to publish and maintain your municipal code, resolutions, minutes, policies, and other publications in-house. With our innovative self-publishing software, you maintain total control of your code and can update your materials instantly and as often as needed for a flat annual fee.

Looking for a Better Way to Maintain Your Code?