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Scaling its legislative management processes for community growth


Implement CivicPlus' Self-Publishing Software for the management of its Online Code of Ordinances


Easy online management and access for residents and staff.

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., Vineyard, Utah, needed a better way to update its code of ordinances and make it accessible to residents and staff online. With the help of Municode’s Self-Publishing Software (now part of the CivicPlus Civic Experience Platform), the City achieved this goal.

Until early 2018, Vineyard’s code of ordinances was difficult for staff and residents to access. Staff found it challenging to search for and update any conflicting information. Storage was another issue as some of the older ordinances sat in a potato cellar next to the old town hall.

CivicPlus’ Self-Publishing Software solution provided Vineyard’s leaders with an efficient way to manage their code of ordinances while also making it more accessible to residents. Drafting, editing, voting, signing, scanning, and publishing are all built into the software allowing for a modern and refined approach to keeping municipal code current. The search feature quickly navigates the code and finds conflicting information. Residents can view the code online and see the entire legislative history when codes are updated, providing transparency to the community.

In 2018, Vineyard’s Clerk, Pam Spencer, won the Utah Clerks Municipal Association’s “Recorder of the Year” award, which she attributes partly to the implementation of the innovative Self-Publishing Software system.

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