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Monsido and AudioEye: Two Scalable Solutions to Ensure Equitable Access to Your Digital Solutions

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Do you know the overall health state of your website?

Do you know if your website is compliant with the latest accessibility regulations?

Do you monitor your website content continuously for accessibility and quality assurance?

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Are you tired from spending hours on locating and fixing accessibility issues, broken links or misspellings?

Are your content editors aligned on brand, style and regulatory guidelines?

Are your pdf documents accessible?

ADA Compliant Government Websites

In the U.S., it’s estimated that 26 percent of the population lives with a disability. As a government entity, your website is the foundation of your information-sharing and resident resource strategy. Not only must it comply with digital accessibility requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of Justice to protect your administration from costly fines, but it must be accessible to ensure every community member has equitable access to news, information, and online services.

The Legal Risks of ADA Non-Compliance

When it comes in the form of unexpected fines and legal fees, the cost of accessibility non-compliance is about three times higher than the cost of proactive compliance — and the financial impact of legal lawsuits is increasing annually. You owe it to your taxpayers to protect your budget from costly, avoidable expenses.

Empowering Continual Compliance and Quality Assurance

Like your community, your website is an actively growing and changing entity. To ensure that as you add and update content, links, forms, documents, files, and tools, your website remains accessible to every community member, you need integrated quality assurance and web governance tools. No matter the size of your team and budget, we have easy-to-implement and maintain tools to empower your content creators

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Benefits of Our Website Accessibility Solution

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    Flawless website

    CivicPlus Web Accessibility solutions detect broken links and misspelling, and other web errors with automated website scans, prioritization features, and get recommendations for remediation. Building a trustworthy website is essential for any governmental organization seeking to establish a strong online presence and instill positive civic experience in your community.

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    Enhanced UX and Performance

    Optimize website experience and ensure citizens can find and understand the content that they need. In an era of governmental digitalization, your city, county or any local government website is your digital city hall. People want to transact with your government online without having to come into a physical building.

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    Equality and Inclusion

    As a government organization, your website is vital for providing information to the public so that they can access information, services, and resources. When a website is accessible, it demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and equal access to information and services for all citizens, regardless of their abilities.

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    Time-Saving Tool

    A great, accessible website experience can empower citizens to digitally file requests, submit applications and more, reducing the resources needed to process in-person and over-the-phone requests. This allows you to allocate resources elsewhere to support and serve citizens even better.

Web Accessibility for Local Governments


Our Web Accessibility solution suite is designed to fit the size of your budget, your team, and your compliance maintenance challenges.


Our solutions are designed through collaboration and quality assurance testing with accessibility-certified experts living with visual impairments.

A Leader in Web Governance and Accessibility Solutions

CivicPlus is the leading government website provider as well as the leader in accessibility and compliance.

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3,000 U.S. customers


13,011 current domains


More than 36 million pages scanned per month

Two Web Accessibility Solutions for Comprehensive and Configurable Protections

No matter which Web Accessibility solutions fit your compliance and maintenance strategy, with CivicPlus, you can be confident your staff and residents can rely on:

  • A website that fosters resident self-service and reduces in-person and over-the-phone requests
  • Inclusive access to your digital news, information, resources, and services
  • Digital tools without broken links, misspellings, and other web errors that break residents’ trust in your administration
  • Automated processes and reporting, consolidation of digital tools, and optimized collaboration and visibility across departments
  • Compliance with the latest accessibility regulations, reducing your risk of costly and unexpected legal fines and fees

Which CivicPlus Web Accessibility solution will help you create positive civic experiences in your community?

Web Accessibility Solution Success Stories

From small rural counties to large metropolitan cities, we’ve got you covered.

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