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A Single Solution for Planning, Permitting, Licensing and Code Enforcement

CivicPlus® offers a scalable solution for all community development needs your government has.

Addressing Your Greatest Community Development Needs

Are your residents able to apply and pay for permits and licenses online?

Does it auto-generate documents such as certificates of occupancy, notices, citations, orders, and invoices?

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Is your current licensing and permitting software cloud-based and fully mobile?

Does your current system track things such as annual license renewals and automatically remind residents when applications are due?

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Designed by former government employees who know the permitting, licensing, and code enforcement space inside and out, our integrated software accelerates departmental processes and connects your entire agency.

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Benefits of Our User-Friendly Community Development Software

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    Increased Productivity

    By automating manual processes & utilizing a collaborative workflow engine, the time from plan, submittal, to permit is reduced by at least 10 days.

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    Streamlined Processes

    Integrated, yet independent modules reduce silos by streamlining your processes, while still providing you the option to scale responsibility. Data sharing = less risk = safe communities.

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    Efficient Growth via Self-Servicing

    By enabling residents and businesses to apply for and manage applications online, processing time is reduced, attracting more business development opportunities to your community.

The Most Intuitive Tool for Licenses and Permits Online

CivicPlus empowers communities to manage every aspect of the planning, permitting, code enforcement, and licensing processes.


294,023 Permits Issued


61,927 Cases Managed


9,676 System Users

Government Permitting and Licensing Software Success Stories

From small rural counties to large metropolitan cities, we’ve got you covered.

Developing community with CivicPlus software


Learn about online submittals for businesses and residents.


Learn about inspection capabilities and tracking for staff in the field.

Seamless Integrations to Streamline Your Workflows

Municode Codification

Enable easy access to your online municipal code.

Learn more

311 CRM

Better manage your requests and complaints online.

Learn more

Third-Party Systems

Bring your existing processes to the next level with seamless integrations between your GIS mapping, electronic plan review and financial solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CivicPlus Community Development software previously known as CivicGov?

Yes. CivicPlus code enforcement, permitting, and licensing software, called Community Development is previously known as CivicGov.

Does CivicPlus offer inspection functionality?

Yes. Our government inspection software is mobile-optimized for field workers and contractors. CivicPlus’ video inspection functionality provides a convenient and time-saving solution for small or standard inspections.

Does CivicPlus’s fire and life safety inspection software work if there’s no internet connectivity?

Yes. We have a mobile inspection application that works with no internet connectivity. All data is saved locally on the mobile device and once internet connectivity is available, it will sync the collected data and images to our software.

How long does it take to implement the CivicPlus Community Development solution? And can my legacy data be imported?

Typically, our implementation process takes from six weeks to six months, depending on the scale and phasing. As part of the implementation of CivicPlus Community Development software, we can migrate legacy data from locally built or third-party vendor databases.

Ready to Integrate Your Licensing, Permitting, and Code Enforcement Software into One-Solution?