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Seven Reasons Why Mobile Connectivity Is Crucial for Inspectors and Officers in the Field

How to optimize field worker productivity in your local government to better serve the residents of your community

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May 8, 2023
10 min

Public works staff in the field can do their job better by taking advantage of mobile technology. Remote access to permitting and code enforcement software and other digital workflows allows your team to work more efficiently and accurately. And when your team performs better, your residents and staff are happier and can enjoy the community to the fullest.

Here is why you should give your in-field staff mobile access.

1. Access important information in real-time

No matter their location, your team can access permitting and code enforcement software and other digital workflows to make more informed decisions and take action quicker, which can help to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Improved collaboration with colleagues in the office

With the ability to access digital records from anywhere, field staff can easily communicate with their colleagues, share information, and receive real-time updates, helping prevent miscommunication and misunderstandings while improving the overall quality of work.

3. Ability to immediately input data

Mobile connectivity allows field staff to collect and input data quickly and accurately. By using mobile devices to collect data on-site, staff can avoid errors and reduce the risk of data entry mistakes, avoiding costly delays and mistakes.

4. Improves safety

Field staff can quickly and easily identify potential hazards, track their progress in real-time, and receive updates and alerts as needed, helping identify potential dangers and take appropriate action to protect themselves and others.

5. Save time

Digital workflows with mobile access can help automate many processes, such as data entry and reporting, which can help to free up staff time for more critical tasks. Plus, back-and-forth trips to the office are reduced, maximizing productivity.

6. Seamless Connectivity to Other Applications in the Field

Going digital with mobile optimization allows staff in the field to connect to additional applications like codification and 311 CRM systems for optimal productivity and end-to-end project management.

7. 24/7 Resident Access

Code Enforcement, Permitting, and Licensing software optimized for mobile provide a central hub where residents and businesses can access municipal licenses and permitting services 24/7 from any mobile device, helping foster civic trust and satisfaction — all without visiting a local government office.

Click here for code-enforcement-permitting-licensing for more information on deploying mobile technology for Code Enforcement, Permitting, and Licensing.

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Authored by Civic Plus Logo


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