Deliver Positive Civic Experiences with Process Automation and Digital Services

Build custom forms, automate government workflows, and offer resident services online.

Overcome the Burden of Paper-Based Forms and Processes

Do you provide residents with the ability to request and pay for services online?

Do your forms and workflows integrate seamlessly with your website?

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Does your internal staff have the tools for automated processes and approvals?

Are you able to consistently deliver positive and frictionless resident experiences at every touchpoint?

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Our CivicPlus® Process Automation and Digital Services solution provides local governments with a tool that seamlessly automates internal processes and serves residents online, easily scaling with your administration’s needs.

Explore our suite of digital government solutions

Reap the Benefits of Automation Apps in Government

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    24/7/364 Government Digital Services

    Seamlessly automate internal processes, easily scaling with your organization’s needs, for around-the-clock digital resident self-service availability.

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    Frictionless Digital Government Experience

    Meet your residents any time, where they are, allowing them to service themselves or receive assistance online, fostering positive civic experiences.

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    Time-Saving Administrative Efficiency

    Automate routine tasks and processes to streamline your government workflows and free up more time to govern, serve, and operate your administration.

Features that Meet the Modern Expectations of Your Residents and Staff


Form Template Library

Leverage over 150 common form templates pre-built and ready to implement, customize, and deploy instantly.


Accessible Online Forms

Create accessible and compliant PDFs and move to digital forms to better serve all your residents.


Digitized Interdepartmental Approvals and Collaboration

Collaborate across departments using our Approvals Dashboard to manage form submissions.


Government Workflow Automation

Streamline data sharing across departments by using our government automation software to create custom workflows.


Out-of-Box API Integrations

Use our development tool and out-of-the-box API integrations to connect all your software systems.


Technical Consulting and Digital Services

Receive local government digital transformation consultation from a CivicPlus technical expert.

Why Municipalities Partner with CivicPlus for Government Optimization

Our scalable software suite of local government apps, online forms, and integrated systems enables municipal teams to create custom digital solutions to meet their community’s unique service delivery needs.

By automating business processes and offering digital government services, you become the hero that gives staff and residents time back in their day.


40% average increase in process efficiency, saving staff time and improving constituent engagement


Integrations with 7,000+ applications, providing flexibility to align automation with any technology stack


Excels at constituent services delivery but is also ideal platform for back-office process automation

Process Automation and Digital Services Success Stories

From small rural counties to large metropolitan cities, we’ve got you covered.

Automate and Digitize with CivicPlus


Enhance your administration's digital optimization efforts and free up staff from manual processes.


Deliver positive resident experiences by making services available online.

Top Integrations with Process Automation and Digital Services

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Defeat the Wicked Witch of Paper-Based Processes

Follow the yellow brick road to digital government transformation. Our step-by-step guide shows you the path to an efficient, paperless government.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CivicPlus Process Automation and Digital Services software previously known as CivicOptimize?

Yes, the CivicOptimize solution has been renamed to CivicPlus Process Automation and Digital Services.

Why local governments should embrace digital optimization?

Local governments should embrace digital optimization to enhance efficiency and service delivery. Phone calls and walk-ins are becoming antiquated as residents embrace digital services in government. At the same time, municipal employees want greater work-related application convenience and the ability to use the tools they need to accomplish their job functions from anywhere, on any connected device.

By leveraging digital technologies, governments can automate forms, repetitive tasks, and workflows, reducing paperwork, eliminating manual errors, and speeding up administrative processes. Digital optimization translates into time and cost savings, enabling governments to allocate resources more effectively.

Embracing digital optimization in government also empowers municipalities to provide better services to their residents. Local government apps, portals, and platforms allow for convenient and accessible services such as electronic payments, online permit applications, and 311 requests. Residents can interact with the government more easily, reducing bureaucracy and enhancing civic engagement.

What types of local government processes can I automate with CivicPlus?

With CivicPlus, you can create custom, purpose-based solutions to automate your current government processes and service delivery models, including:

  • License applications and renewals
  • Custom reservation or check-out process
  • Public service sign-ups
  • Inspections and audits
  • Payments and bids
  • Purchasing management
  • Incident reporting
  • Pet adoptions
  • Inventory management
  • Community outreach activity tracking

Ready to Modernize Your Local Government Services?