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Reach Your Residents With a Powerful Mass Notification System

CivicPlus® helps local governments simplify the communication process when mass messaging is required for emergency or routine notifications.

Can You Quickly and Confidently Reach Community Members in an Emergency?

Is sending targeted communications to your community a challenge?

Does your current public notification software lack integration capabilities?

Do your residents have the ability to sign up for the routine notifications they are most interested in receiving?

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Are you worried that you won’t be able to notify residents and staff when a disaster strikes?

Can you send alerts and notifications to your residents that they can receive in their preferred language?

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CivicPlus’ Mass Notification system integrates with your government technology stack for a fast and stress-free process to create, test, and deploy emergency or routine alerts to multiple channels.

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Streamline Your Mass Communication Processes

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    Proactively Establish a Plan for Emergencies

    Leverage easy-to-use templates to prepare actionable guidelines for successful emergency communications.

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    Omnichannel Reach for Max Impact

    Communicate with your community anywhere, anytime, through as many channels as possible.

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    Keep Your Residents Safe and Informed

    Grow your notification subscription list and deliver crucial information to all members of your community.

Advanced Features for Routine and Emergency Mass Notifications


Emergency Notifications

Alert residents about weather hazards, active shooter situations, fires, evacuations, emergency road closures, and terrorist threats.


Routine Notifications

Empower individuals of all technical abilities to quickly compose a new message or use a pre-written, event-specific template.


Automated Alerts

Schedule automated alerts to be disseminated via the National Weather Service (NWS), text/SMS notifications, and messaging APIs.


Multilingual Messaging

Send mass notification messages for auto-translation in 63 languages to ensure every recipient can act on emergency instructions.


Integrated Mobile App

Issue time-sensitive alerts on the go and give your residents the benefit of receiving pushed notifications on their mobile devices.


FEMA’s IPAWS Integration

Reach unsubscribed residents and travelers via the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System.

Communicate to your residents using our CivicPlus Mass Notification System

Residents can select what they want to be notified about and on which devices.

Learn how to communicate to those most likely impacted by an emergency or event.

10,000+ Local Governments Inspire Our Solutions

We offer scalable solutions that fit the needs of all communities, no matter their size or budget.

Earn Resident Trust as a Reliable Source of Information

As a public safety communicator, you need an easy-to-use, cloud-based, reliable mass notification solution to keep residents, staff, and visitors safe and informed.


More than 60,000 text notifications can be sent per minute in an emergency


Automatic translation to over 60 languages


Trusted by local governments ranging in population size from 1,000 to 2,000,000

Available Integrations with Our Powerful Routine and Emergency Notification System

Top Resources for Public Safety Communicators

Frequently Asked Questions

Has CivicReady been rebranded as the CivicPlus Mass Notification system?

Yes, CivicReady is now the CivicPlus Mass Notification system. You will begin seeing this change in our marketing and customer communications and within the software.

What is a mass notification system?

A mass notification system is a communication tool that enables entities, including local governments, to send important messages simultaneously to a large number of people. Mass notification tools use various channels such as SMS, email, voice calls, mobile apps, and social media to quickly and efficiently disseminate critical information, including emergency alerts, public safety announcements, community updates, and other time-sensitive communications. Learn why every community needs an emergency mass notification system.

How do emergency public notification systems work?

Emergency mass notification systems are designed to deliver urgent messages to individuals or groups during crisis situations. Here’s how they typically work:

  • Message creation: Authorized officials compose the message or use a template available within the emergency alert software.
  • Targeting and segmentation: The system allows the sender to select specific recipients or groups that need to receive the message, such as residents in a particular area or individuals subscribed to certain categories.
  • Message delivery: The emergency notification software uses multiple communication channels, including SMS, email, voice calls, and mobile apps, to send the message to the intended recipients simultaneously.
  • Confirmation and tracking: The mass notification software might offer delivery confirmation, allowing the sender to track the status of message delivery and ensure recipients receive the notification.
  • Response and feedback: Recipients may be able to respond to the message, providing feedback or acknowledging receipt, depending on the capabilities or integrations of the emergency communication system.

When is a mass notification system required?

A mass notification system is typically the best communication tool in situations where efficient and timely communication is essential. Top scenarios include:

  • Emergency situations: Natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, or severe weather events.
  • Public safety threats: Active shooter situations or acts of terrorism.
  • Health emergencies: Disease outbreaks or pandemics.
  • Community updates: Non-emergency communications such as sharing community news, road closures, utility service disruptions, and even event reminders.

Where can I find more information on CivicPlus software training?

If you are a current customer, visit our CivicPlus Help Center for on-demand training, tutorials, education, and product updates. Click here for more information about our virtual and on-site government software training.

Stop Fearing the Consequences of Ineffective Communications

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