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Communication with internal staff and residents in the community is an imperative function of a local government. Whether it’s an emergency alert to keep residents safe, or a fun event to bring the community together, government communication officers are at the forefront of enabling the modern digital experience for residents. CivicPlus provides numerous ways to improve communication, which increases trust in the government.

Typical Challenges for Government Communicators

Challenge 1:

I want a simple website to maintain that can provide our community with one source of truth.

Municipal Websites are purpose built to improve civic experiences online, first and foremost with effective content searches and timely and easy content management.

The Product that can help

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Municipal Websites

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Woman seated with legs folded, holding a tablet in her hands

What I find is a big plus as a planning and zoning director is how easy it is for citizens to find the information they’re looking for online,” said Blakeslee. “Now when citizens call with questions, I pull up our City website and say, ‘Let me walk you through where you’ll find everything. Click here for zoning information, and click here for applications.’ It’s just that easy.

Logo of the City of Manistee, MI

Denise Blakeslee

City of Manistee Planning & Zoning Director

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Challenge 2:

Parade is next week, and I need to communicate traffic flow pattern changes and/or parking restrictions to the community.

With CivicPlus Mass Notifications software, residents can request notifications around events and sign up for alerts. Communications can also be sent out utilizing mapping information to send targeted alerts.

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Mass Notification System

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Wildfire at a farm

Receiving that early text message allowed us to coordinate our safety activity.

Logo of Norwich/Chenango Emergency Management

Nina Sipes

Stanton County, KS Resident and Owner of Sipes' Farming Entities

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Challenge 3:

My department needs  to be able to organize  internal communications in less time, both for emergency responses and for routine things like staffing.

Mass Notification provides efficient internal communications with collaboration features such as real-time, two-way group messaging, reducing the time and effort needed to coordinate your team.

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Mass Notification System

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Emergency Notification Helps Bring Home Missing Family Member

I’m so glad we chose to implement IPAWS. It’s easy to use, and the functionality is terrific. It’s another tool in our toolbox to assist our first responders, who, in this case, put in an incredible effort over many hours to find the missing resident.

Seal of Blount County, TN

Lance Coleman

Blount County Emergency Management Director

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Challenge 4:

We do a garden competition and tour every summer. We are looking for a way for residents to submit their location and images to a digital map that is accessible to anyone in the community looking to visit and vote.

311 CRM provides the infrastructure for exciting opportunities for community engagement with the mapping and image submission functionality which allow residents to submit images of their garden for a competition with a geolocated marker at their address as well as for example an interactive Holiday Lights map which provides residents the ability to take a tour of their community and embrace positive community initiatives!

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311 CRM Management

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Garbage collector in a yellow vest loading a garbage can

The amount of resident requests is increasing because the system is accessible and easy to use.

Anne Arundel County logo

Mike Mann

System Analyst for Anne Arundel County, MD

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Challenge 5:

We have active social media channels, high community engagement, and rely on our website and social media accounts to share important information with residents. With such a large audience, we know we have a responsibility to share information regularly with residents.

Record and preserve all of your social media posts, comments, videos, and interactions with CivicPlus Social Media Archiving. Account owners can set up keywords to help monitor conversations and stay aligned with both internal and external social media policies.

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Social Media Archiving

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Phone screen displaying the Corvallis website

The keywords feature makes social media fit into our workflow, not the other way around.

Corvallis School District Logo

Megan Mahoney,

Communications Specialist Corvallis School District

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