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Marketing Advice Customized for Local Government

Over the past two decades, our focus has been on helping local governments engage their citizens.

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In working with communities like yours, we’re frequently asked the same question:

How can I market and promote our community to our residents?

To help municipal communication managers effectively market their local governments, we’ve developed this eBook to offer advice on using the latest marketing techniques to reach citizens with civic messages in impactful, and meaningful ways.

What’s Inside?

Our Marketing Best Practices for Local Government eBook will teach you:

  • How to use Facebook to engage citizens in your community
  • How to leverage LinkedIn for more than talent recruitment
  • Best practices for using Twitter to connect with citizens
  • How video can amplify your community storytelling
  • How email marketing can inform and educate your citizens
  • Best practices for the design and functionality of your local government website
  • Why content is the key to connecting with citizens in meaningful ways
  • How to leverage mass communication technology as a citizen marketing tool

Our eBook will offer you actionable tips that you can implement today, to immediately help you accomplish your citizen engagement goals.