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Clerks: Nine Ways Integrated Software Benefits Your Community

Ditching multiple software solutions can save time, money, and a headache.


March 29, 2023
10 min

As a clerk, your day-to-day job is difficult enough without also having to deal with the stress of juggling multiple software solutions. By integrating your software, you can instantly make life easier for not only yourself but also for your colleagues and residents. CivicPlus’® integrated Agenda and Meeting Management, Codification, and Municipal Websites software is custom designed to make your life easier and your community stronger.

So, without further ado, let’s look at nine ways that integrated software can make your job easier and benefit your city.

Nine Ways Integrated Software Benefits You and Your Community

Benefit #1 – Peace of mind from automation

his is a biggie. With an integrated software solution, you can send ordinances from your agenda software, and you don’t have to worry about remembering to send ordinances externally, as this is done automatically.

Benefit #2 – Time-saving efficiencies

Each one of your software solutions should be saving you and your resident’s time. An integrated solution automates manual steps associated with agenda publishing and codifying processes for staff while improving access and self-serving capabilities for residents. This also means less time on your end spent on the process, answering resident questions via email, phone, or in-person, and generally less time looking for “things.”

Benefit #3 – Proactive notifications to staff and residents

Allow each and every staff member and resident to choose the information that matters most to them.

Benefit #4 – Peace of mind from customer support

With CivicPlus as your vendor, you can rest assured your questions will be answered and solved right away by our Technical Support and Knowledge Management teams, who were recently recognized with three prestigious Stevie® Awards. Our Knowledge Management team received their first Gold Stevie® Award in the Customer Service Training Team of the Year – Internal – Technology Industries category. Additionally, our Technical Support team was awarded a Bronze Stevie® Award for Best Customer Satisfaction Strategy – Technology Industries, while our combined teams won another Bronze Stevie® Award for Remote Customer Service Innovation of the Year – Technology Industries.

Benefit #5 – Reduced risks and technical difficulties

When implementing different software solutions from the same vendor together, they work. The risk of implementing legacy software from other vendors is mitigated.

Benefit #6 – Increased resident and staff self-service capabilities

This is a win-win for everyone involved, particularly for residents who may be less tech-savvy, as everything should be easy to find in less than three clicks.

Benefit #7 – Increase institutional knowledge

Give users and residents a better sense of the meeting process as they evolve with access to the content, the ability to view ordinances that have been codified, and information as to why these actions have been taken.

Benefit #8 – Federated search across all your solutions

Give staff and residents one centralized place to search all results on all platforms. As an example, residents can access the code of ordinances and agenda content through the integrated search on the main CivicPlus municipal website, and vice versa.

Benefit #9 – Improved transparency

With an integrated software solution, you can track all meetings, agendas, and minutes posted, and ensure ordinances are pushed through and published online in seconds. On top of this, you greatly enhance the ability of staff and residents to find anything they are looking for, quickly.

Reaping The Rewards of Software Integration

The benefits of integrated software are many and clear and make perfect sense not only from a purely business point of view but also from the viewpoint of community, staff, and resident satisfaction.

CivicPlus® is the only government technology solution company providing integrated Municipal Websites, Agenda and Meeting Management, and Online Code of Ordinances solutions. Our suite of simple, seamless integrations enables you to achieve levels of record management efficiency and transparency as never before possible. With CivicPlus, clerks enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they can send their ordinances to us right from our Agenda and Meeting Management software with one click. At the same time, staff and residents benefit from immediate access to newly adopted legislation. They can also be proactively notified when new legislation is adopted via our Agenda and Meetings Management software and upon its official codification by our team of legal editors.

Perhaps most powerful, your staff and residents will benefit from one-click access to your agendas, votes, minutes, and videos straight from the enhanced history notes in your online code of ordinances.

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