Automated Accessibility Remediation

With the local government expertise of CivicPlus and the accessibility experts from AudioEye, solving the issues of accessibility for your website can be done automatically with ease.

Are you confident that your website is accessible today to all members of your community?

Do you monitor your website content continuously for accessibility compliance?

Do you have in-depth knowledge of WCAG 2.1 and other state and federal regulations regarding digital accessibility?

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Do you have an accessibility expert on staff and available to fix issues 24-7?

Does your parks and recreation software provide digitally compliant interactions for your residents?

AudioEye and CivicPlus

Identifying issues of accessibility on a government website is only half the battle. Once accessibility barriers are identified, they need to be fixed. Then, the website requires consistent monitoring to ensure that any new content meets accessibility standards. Delivering accessible and usable content is an ongoing commitment to your end-users, and with the help of AudioEye, CivicPlus offers an end-to-end solution for digital accessibility, all while accommodating lean budgets and staffs.


Focus on Digital Accessibility


Accessible Web Design Guide


User Testing and Insights


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    Focus on Digital Accessibility

    AudioEye specializes in providing powerful accessibility solutions. If your organization's primary concern is achieving and maintaining digital accessibility compliance, AudioEye offers a specialized suite of features and expertise in this area.

  • Accessible Web Design Guide

    AudioEye’s comprehensive Accessible Web Design Guide provides valuable resources for creating an inclusive online experience. If your organization prioritizes color contrast compliance and accessible web design, AudioEye offers dedicated tools and guidance.

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    User Testing and Insights

    AudioEye's A11iance User Testing feature allows you to receive valuable insights and feedback from users who rely on assistive technology. This helps you gain a deeper understanding of your website's accessibility and user experience from individuals with diverse needs. If your organization values user feedback and aims to improve accessibility based on real-world experiences, AudioEye's user testing feature is beneficial.


AudioEye, our powerful accessibility solution, offers a range of features to enhance web accessibility compliance. Key features include:

Expert accessibility remediation

Beyond automation / Platform-specific remediation of your website. A11iance Team – Community of testers with disabilities are active contributors in evaluating CivicPlus sites and assisting AudioEye in evaluating its product suite.

AudioEye-Trusted Certification

Display your commitment to accessibility through an AudioEye-Trusted Certification – the only site certification in the accessibility industry.

Help Desk

Provide end-user (resident) support via a help desk serviced by a team of experts capable of taking action. This bridge between Local Government and disabled resident is often the first thing the DOJ looks for when investigation and enforcing accessibility policy.

AudioEye Toolbar

Enable free assistive tools embedded in AudioEye Ally managed websites to help those without access to assistive technology consume content effectively.

Comprehensive Conformance Reporting

Receive a summary of conformance evaluations and clickable tutorials and links directly to your pages, with instructions for implementing source-code fixes.

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