CivicPlus for Government Administration

City and County Managers and their administrative team have high expectations, as do residents of their communities. With CivicPlus technology, administrators can deliver the modern government experience for their staff and residents, solving issues and simplifying processes. Utilizing CivicPlus technology, administrators can improve the interactions between government and residents, improving the civic experience.

Typical Challenges for Government Administrators

Challenge 1:

I want a website that showcases the beauty of our community that’s easy to navigate and is fully accessible. (I don’t want to get sued)


By utilizing Municipal Website and Web Accessibility tools, you have the ability to have an easy to navigate CMS that allows your team to keep your beautiful website up to date, integrate multiple systems, and incorporate accessibility and quality assurance software to make maintenance a snap.

The Product that can help

Municipal Websites icon

Municipal Websites

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A woman working on a Macbook

CivicPlus has helped us improve relationships with our community members and build trust in a number of ways. First and foremost would be our town website. We’re able to keep communications and information current and accessible.

Seal of the town of Amherst, MA

Brianna Sunryd

Town of Amherst Communications Manager & Community Participation Officer

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Challenge 2

I have an incredibly diverse community; many residents speak English as a second language.  How can I ensure my website is inclusive for their needs?


Beaverton, OR had a very similar goal and effectively included the 100+ languages spoken into their CivicPlus website design, winning an award for inclusiveness in the process.

The Product that can help

Municipal Websites icon

Municipal Websites

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Laptop screen displaying the Beaverton, Oregon website homepage

We’re looking to our website to help with outreach and inclusion. We want our diverse community to connect and learn from each other by sharing their unique cultural perspectives. We would like to see continued involvement from everyone to help shape our future.

Logo of Beaverton, Oregon

Cynthia Rozanc

Information Systems Division

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Challenge 3

I just want it all to be accurate – Internal Staff / Content Collaboration Approval Dashboard


In both challenges having Process Automation and Digital Services allows for simple workflows to assist in approving requests that are generated through forms submissions. Fully digitizing the paper process.

Man in a hospital receiving a vaccine through injection

The tool is amazing. It can handle 1,000 responses in two hours, it’s easy for citizens to use, and they don’t have to create an account and remember a password. They just answer a few questions, and Productivity triages them into an appointment schedule. We didn’t have to manually look at 1,000 survey responses and prioritize them based on age or other risk factors—the system does it automatically.

Logo of Miami County, KS

Sara Denney

Miami County Payroll and Benefits Coordinator

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Challenge 4

As a community that attracts tourists, I’m concerned about reaching all residents and non-residents in the event of an emergency.

With Mass Notification, you can swiftly disseminate crucial alerts to both residents and non-residents  in your community. Its wide-reaching, location-based alerts ensure everyone in your vicinity, including tourists, stays informed and safe during emergencies.

The Product that can help

Mass Notification Icon

Mass Notification System

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Wildfire at a farm

Receiving that early text message allowed us to coordinate our safety activity.

Logo of Norwich/Chenango Emergency Management

Nina Sipes

Stanton County, KS Resident and Owner of Sipes' Farming Entities

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Challenge 5

As a meeting agenda approver, I find it time-consuming to collaborate on agendas, which can lead to missed deadlines or costly mistakes.

With Agenda and Meeting Management, you benefit from accessible collaboration tools and visibility into staff work. You also receive a user-friendly, intuitive system for all staff members, in-app messaging and e-mail notifications, deadline-setting, automated workflows, versioning control and customizable reporting.

Tablet displays Ashtabula website

We needed something that was going to make meeting management easier so I can work with the public more. It shouldn’t be that you can only concentrate on the agendas and the minutes. A Clerk of Council acts as a liaison between City Council and the residents. Public interaction is critical in this position.

Seal of the City of Ashtabula, Ohio

Stacy H. Senskey

Certified Municipal Clerk and City of Ashtabula Clerk of Council

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