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Velva, ND, Gives Residents Easy Access to the City’s Code of Ordinances with CivicPlus®


Velva, ND




Logo of the City of Velva, ND


Digital access to the City's code of ordinances for residents and staff


Municode Codification's Online Code Hosting service


Increased functionality, access, and legislative compliance

The leaders of the quaint city of Velva, North Dakota, wanted to give their community easier, and quicker access to the City’s code of ordinances and ease staff workloads for the management of residential requests to access code updates. To accomplish its goal, Velva turned to CivicPlus (formerly Municode) for its Online Code Hosting service.

With CivicPlu’s Online Code Hosting service, Velva hosts, updates, and distributes its code entirely online. Also, with the help of CivicPlus’ experienced code attorneys, Velva’s leaders have the peace of mind of knowing that their code is accurate and transparent.

When residents search the City’s code of ordinances, they have full access to information without the need to call or travel to City Hall. Searching the code is very easy. With Municode’s advanced features. Users can find exactly what they are looking for with only a few clicks, allowing for an increased level of transparency for residents.

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