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Sign, Seal, and Self-Publish Easily and Electronically

Manage and publish your online code of ordinances with Self-Publishing Software

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May 26, 2022
10 min

The ability to sign documents is crucial for any local government to conduct business. As local governments figure out how to work from home due to COVID-19, no in-person meetings may have slowed your processes down. Fortunately, CivicPlus’s Self-Publishing Software (SPS) can aid in this process.

Whether you have a policy in place for electronic signatures or not, Self-Publishing Software can assist when drafting and signing documents remotely, and immediately publish changes online to a user-friendly platform. The platform works for handbooks, policies, procedures, and virtually any publication—and all in the same place.

Changes to your online publication(s) are instantly supported by a parallel substantiating document such as an ordinance, resolution, policy, or bylaw that will instantly change said policy. These parallel documents conform to existing workflows, meaning SPS can adapt to your government process.

There is real power in electronically produced signatures. When working remotely, those who sign electronically speed up the traditional legislative process, because it initiates the completion of other routine tasks historically done by hand.

Scanned signatures can be provided to CivicPlus, and then uploaded to the platform. This gives all documents an “official look” as if they were signed in person. Seals and stamps can also be digitized, and automatically applied to documents.

By utilizing our Self-Publishing Software, your local government can remotely sign—and seal—many kinds of documents. This speeds up typical workflows and allows for businesses to resume.

While electronic signatures are an efficient tool, it is one of many tools offered by Self-Publishing Software that assists local governments when publishing and maintaining ordinances, codes, resolutions, minutes, policies, handbooks—and any other publications. SPS can help staff work efficiently from home and will also better position local governments for future successes with a digital and streamlined approach to publications.

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