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Santa Rosa County, Florida, Chooses Municode Codification, Powered by CivicPlus®


Santa Rosa County, Florida




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Ensure easy, digital access to its code of ordinances


Implement Online Code Hosting from CivicPlus, part of its Municode Codification services


Increased functionality, engagement, and features dedicated to transparency

Santa Rosa County, Florida, knew it needed to expand web services to better serve its community. This entailed hosting its code of ordinances and other government documents online. The County had one goal in mind: to increase residents’ access to the County’s code and relevant government documents.

Traditionally, residents would have to call the County office to ask staff for assistance when finding what they need. Sometimes it could take days until residents received what they requested. This back and forth between staff and the community became tedious for both entities. Why not allow residents to access their code and other documents instantaneously?

When finding such a solution, there was only one clear choice for Santa Rosa County: CivicPlus (formerly Municode). A partnership had existed between Municode and the County for over 30 years for codification services. Santa Rosa County added Online Code Hosting to its pre-existing codification and Supplementation services, as well as the MuniDocs functionality.

Online Code Hosting empowers residents to access code on their own terms in a powerful and intuitive platform. Navigating code is easy with a table of contents and search. MuniDocs also uses the same layout and both utilize the same search bar, meaning users do not have to switch between the two.

For staff, uploading new code or documents is effortless. Single or multiple documents can be uploaded at once and is automatically OCR’d and run through processes to improve ADA Accessibility. While this does not ensure full compliance, it saves staff time when uploading multiple documents in one instance.

Click here for more information on Municode Codification services, part of the CivicPlus CIvic Experience Platform.

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