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# Codification & Supplementation

Webinar Recording: Building Resident Trust Through Real-Time Code of Ordinances Transparency


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As resident interactions evolve to meet escalating contactless government expectations, it’s more important than ever to provide residents with a transparent, accessible, up-to-date code of ordinances. In this session, you’ll learn about the following: 

  • The importance of keeping your code of ordinances accessible and accurate  
  • How failure to make access frictionless can result in resident dissatisfaction 
  • Solutions to avoid the frustration of “batching” and provide real-world examples from clerks in the CivicPlus® family

Your Host:

Rachelle Cantero

Solutions Engineer II, Former Clerk

Rachelle Cantero is a solutions engineer at CivicPlus, focusing on our Agenda and Meeting Management software. Before coming to work in the private sector, she spent 17 years in government at the state, county, and municipal levels, holding positions in community relations, child support enforcement, and as a misdemeanor/juvenile coordinator for the victim witness division. Rachelle spent the last decade at the Town of Normal, Illinois, as the Deputy Clerk, an Engineering OA, and a Communications Specialist. In addition, she studied International Business at Illinois State University.