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# Codification & Supplementation

Why Publish your Code of Ordinances with Municode Codification from CivicPlus®?

Learn about our comprehensive codification service and integrable technology.

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April 11, 2023
10 min

By choosing CivicPlus for your code needs, you’ll get the industry’s leading codification services and online code hosting capabilities in one.

It’s Free, Quick, and Easy

When you partner with us and our team of legal experts, we make the republication process easy for busy clerks:

1. Sign a contract

2. Send us your relevant material

3. Review and return the proofs we send you

We’ll handle all of the publishing and can deliver the final documentation in print and electronically. The best part? If your code of ordinances is up-to-date and available in a Microsoft Word document there is cost to you.

A Supplementation Process for the Digital Age

We pride ourselves on a turnaround time of 40 to 45 days for printed supplements and can provide our always-up-to-date electronic update services within 15 days once launched. Furthermore, our newly adopted amendatory legislation can be posted online between supplements within 48 hours with advanced features or in minutes using our Agenda and Meeting Management software integration. With an error rate of less than one percent, you can feel confident that you’ve chosen a teal that cares about accuracy as much as you do.

Additionally, you will receive cutting-edge access to our Online Code Hosting solution, which includes time-saving functionality.

A Supplementation Model That Makes Sense

Our customers should never have to limit the number of ordinances they supplement to save money on costly per-page service fees. So, we allow customers to opt for an annual fee model that ensures their code is always up to date and they’re never limited by cost or administrative burden.

Instant Publishing of your Adopted Legislation to Our Online Code Hosting Solution

We will acknowledge receipt of your new legislation within 24 hours and send it for codification. While we work, your community can still benefit from instant access to your newly adopted legislation.

If you elect our advanced legislative service, OrdBank, we will post your legislation online within 48 hours as a PDF under “Adopted legislation not yet codified.” This location will signify to residents and staff that you will post your newly adopted amendatory legislation online between supplements. Upon completing your supplement, we will link the ordinances in your history notes and store them in your OrdBank Repository.

If you utilize OrdBank and a CivicPlus Agenda and Meeting Management solution, we will post your newly adopted legislation on the landing page of your online code of ordinances within one minute of sending said legislation to CivicPlus. Further, the system will automatically link history notes throughout your code of ordinances to the meeting in which your leaders considered the newly adopted legislation. Your team and residents will have permanent and instant access to the agenda, minutes, videos, and votes related to your legislation.

After the initial receipt, your ordinances will go through our thorough editorial review process, in which we will index, cross-reference, and proof your documents. We will then post the final supplement to your code of ordinances online and notify you by email that our work is complete.

Our Self-Publishing Software Option

Since municipalities are evolving toward a modern, digital, web-first approach to interacting with their communities, we now offer an in-house solution to publish and maintain your code of ordinances. Our innovative self-publishing software embraces digital transformation by empowering municipalities to maintain their municipal code, resolutions, minutes, policies, and other publications in-house. With CivicPlus, you maintain total control of your code and can update your materials instantly and as often as needed for an annual fee.

Even More Benefits to Online Code Hosting

Standard features

Our system is user-friendly and accessible and requires no special training or login information. We designed our intuitive user interface (UI) to provide easy access to our full suite of features from any device, including a tablet or mobile device running iOS or Android. The user interface and all HTML content viewed via our Online Code Hosting System’s web application are WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliant.

With delivery available in Microsoft Word or PDF format, users can share a link, print documents, download content as a Microsoft Word file, or email content at the section, article, chapter level, or even non-sequential sections from multiple portions of your code(s). This flexibility helps reduce the number of phone calls your office will receive asking for code information and enhance your ability to draft new legislation.

We designed our innovative search feature to be intuitive and easy for users to understand. Enter a keyword or phrase, or use Boolean operators to receive granular search results, complete with hit highlighting from multiple content types.

Other standard features include advanced graphics and zoning capabilities, translation options, public notes, and deep integrations between other CivicPlus products, such as our Agenda and Meeting Management software and Municipal Website solutions.

Premium Features

Our cutting-edge technology hosts a variety of premium features and is available with several bundled purchasing options, such as the following:

  • Custom banding
  • OrdBank
  • CodeBank
  • CodeBank Compare
  • ENotify
  •  MuniDocs
  •  MuniPro
  •  Ordlink

To get more details on our premium and standard features and our publication and supplementation services, download our fact sheet.

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