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Burlingame, CA


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Maximize the capabilities of two industry-leading solutions for optimal process efficiency


Integrate SeeClickFix and Cartegraph to share work order request data and streamline administrative operations


Residents have transparency in their requests and administrators minimize the management of two separate systems

What was the problem?

Burlingame, California, realized they were underserving their tech-savvy citizens by not having a robust technological infrastructure to help meet their service request needs. While Burlingame had incorporated 311 and citizen relationship management software SeeClickFix into its public works processes as a tool branded as accessBurlingame, and industry-leading asset management software Cartegraph, the two powerful systems were not as impactful as they could be since they did not share work order request information between the two systems. Thus, despite using two solid technological systems to serve the community, Burlingame lacked the efficiency it was looking for in serving its citizens.

What solution did they implement?

Burlingame integrated its Cartegraph and SeeClickFix systems, enabling data sharing and streamlined digital efficiencies. This implementation provided an opportunity to help the city serve its community more effectively by improving its process for responding to concerns submitted by its citizens and building out more impactful and comprehensive processes.

What was the result?

By integrating the CivicPlus 311 Citizen Relationship Management system and Cartegraph, Burlingame improved its citizen application user experience. Additionally, the integration between the systems made it easier for users to request local repairs and improvements and easier for staff to assign field workers to projects and track them through to completion.

An integrated, end-to-end citizen request and asset tracking solution improved communications between the city and its community members and allowed work to be completed faster, creating more positive citizen interactions. The integrated solution also improved the data collection process and the city’s ability to document patterns of community concerns.

Not only did CivicPlus and Cartegraph enable a streamlined project completion process, but it enabled transparency with citizens who could see when their request was complete, thus enabling positive civic experiences and proving the City is responsive to its community’s needs.

CivicPlus and Cartegraph, Partners in End-to-End Public Works Management

The 311 CItizen Relationship Management and Cartegraph integration allows local governments to close work order tickets without going into both systems to mark a report from a citizen as complete. Another beneficial integration is the increased access to information for field workers through photo uploads of citizen-identified community repair issues. Photographic documentation and evidence allow public works responses to be tailored specifically for a problem in the community and help cities immediately find the issue they are looking to resolve.

The integration allowed Burlingame to manage and monitor resident requests in real time. In addition, Burlingame intentionally had taken efforts to reduce its paper usage. The integration of these two applications allowed field workers to utilize iPads to complete documentation of tasks, leading to this process becoming fully paperless.

For more information on the SeeClickFix 311 and citizen relationship management solution from CivicPlus, click here to access full system details.

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