Public Records Laws and Social Media Retention in

Nevada Public Records Act and Social Media

The Nevada Public Records Act requires that provisions of this law “must be construed liberally” to provide the public with access to records. While social media records are not explicitly addressed, electronic materials are not exempt, and the Law is written to be liberally applied. Therefore, social media records in Nevada should comply with the Law.

Guidance on Social Media Records in Nevada from the State Library, Archives and Public Records

The Nevada State Library, Archives & Public Records guides the Public Records Act for State agencies. The document clarifies that all agency records are presumed open, including any information created or received by an agency, “regardless of physical form.” As evidenced by this document, social media records in Nevada should be considered public records.

Nevada Social Media Records Management in Practice

The City of Reno’s Social Media Policy specifies that social media records must comply with City records retention policies. This guidance is a good model for handling social media records in Nevada.


How Social Media Archiving Works

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