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Public Records Laws and Social Media Retention in
North Carolina

North Carolina Public Records Law and Social Media

The North Carolina Public Records Law requires that government agencies preserve public records regardless of physical form, including the digital records created through social media. The law applies this requirement to every public office, officer, official, and institution creating social media records in North Carolina.

Social Media Records Guidelines from the Office of the Governor

The Office of the Governor of North Carolina issued “Best Practices for Social Media Usage in North Carolina” in 2012, specifying that official posts and public comments are public records.


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North Carolina Social Media Records Management in Practice

North Carolina is the first state government in the country to provide the public free access to an Open Archive of the state’s social media content. The archive can be searched here.

The City of Raleigh offers a great example of a comprehensive social media policy that clearly outlines the impact of the NC Public Records Law on social media records. The city includes a message like the one below on every social media account page administered on behalf of the city to inform users that comments become part of the public record.


CivicPlus Social Media Archiving  in North Carolina

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