Public Records Laws and Social Media Retention in

Minnesota Public Records Law and Social Media

Social media records in Minnesota are subject to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, “which creates a presumption that state and local government records are accessible to the public.” The law applies to information in any form that is collected, created, received, maintained, or disseminated by government. This definition covers both posts made by government entities on social media and public comments under Minnesota public records laws.

Minnesota Social Media Records Policy in Practice

Numerous cities and counties already have policies in place that clearly state that social media records in Minnesota are governed by the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. The following are just a few examples of many:

Carver County alerts posters to their social media pages that comments are considered subject to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act in the “Privacy Policy” section of their social media policy.

Chisago County’s policy very clearly states the public records retention requirements for social media records in Minnesota:

Social Media Record Retention Legal News in Minnesota

Read about Minnesota cases and precedents involving social media and public record retention.


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