Social Media Risk Management & Analytics

Unleash the power of the data in your archive with social media monitoring, alerts, and reports

Powerful Social Media Monitoring with Risk Management and Analytics (RMA)


Customize your Moderation

Reduce worry with automated monitoring for key terms and phrases you define, and get notified when questions are asked, private information is shared, or someone violates your policy.


Detect Emerging Risks

Stay on top of all the information (and misinformation) shared on your official platforms, activity spikes during high-impact events, and accounts that need attention.


Discover Actionable Data

Increase visibility into performance and prove the impact of campaigns or accounts with visually dynamic reports on audience sentiment, engagement levels, platform usage, and more.

Preview the power of RMA in your Social Media Archiving archive.


RMA is a suite of customizable social media monitoring and alerting tools for your archive with robust reporting to increase your control, responsiveness, and insight across your entire social media portfolio.

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RMA for your Archive

Protect and enhance your organization’s social media.


Custom & Predefined Dictionaries

Receive alerts on what matters to you, whether profanity, questions, praise, or keywords and phrases you define. Or leverage predefined dictionaries for common risk areas.


Comprehensive Reports

Prove the impact of campaigns, make swift decisions, solve problems, and gain internal support with audience insights, sentiment analysis, and account activity metrics.


Policy Enforcement

Uncover content that violates your social media policy without staying online 24/7


Blocked List Alerts

Get notified the moment a block occurs and who the block came from to avoid potential legal risk.


Image Alerts

Get immediate alerts about inappropriate images that you should review to avoid liability.


Question Alerts

Control your response in any situation and never miss a question from your audience, even those posted on old threads.


Intelligent Insights

Understand your audience’s perception over time or during specific events, identify your biggest fans and critics, and discover who’s engaging with your accounts.


Privacy Protection

Get notified when personally identifiable information is shared on your social media.

Get More from your Social Media Data

RMA keeps a pulse on your organization’s social presence by monitoring social media every minute of every day. It analyzes and monitors the content posted and notifies you on the activity you care most about. So you can easily uphold your entity’s reputation and moderate content that violates your terms of use. And with powerful dynamic reporting, you can quickly gain insight into what’s working and what needs improvement for campaigns and accounts over time, or for a specific topic or event.

Download the RMA Solution Overview

Take even more control of your social media with Risk Management & Analytics

RMA is built into your archive and available to all Social Media Archiving accounts with an Economy Plan or higher.