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Bundle Clerk Productivity Solutions with CivicPlus®

Purpose-built for municipal clerks, CivicPlus offers a bundled solution set that has everything you need to digitally transform your staff’s, and your residents’ day-to-day interactions. This robust suite of digital tools simplifies and streamlines tasks, helps make sure your office stays compliant and transparent, and enables positive civic experiences that build trust with residents. It’s a true one-stop solution for improving your office’s efficiency and your residents’ satisfaction.

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What Are the Benefits of Having All These Tools Working Together?

CivicPlus offers an integrated suite of solutions unique to CivicPlus, each specifically designed to streamline various clerk responsibilities such as record-keeping, meeting management, and legislation processing. The benefits of this industry-only suite of solutions include:

Integrated and Streamlined Workflows

The bundle’s seamless integration facilitates efficient workflows unique to CivicPlus — this means less time spent on manual processes and more time spent on strategic tasks. It streamlines everything from meeting preparation, calendar updates, updating your online code of ordinances, notifying staff and residents when legislation is adopted, and codes are updated to public records management.

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Built for Efficiency and Compliance

This bundle streamlines daily operations, ensuring clerks can manage varied responsibilities more efficiently. From running public meetings to handling complex records, our solution is tailored to enhance your office’s productivity and ensure compliance with open records laws.

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Public Engagement and Transparency

A key feature of our bundle is the enhanced public engagement and transparency it offers. Easy access to municipal codes and meeting materials, and enabling public-facing interactions via FOIA requests or license applications promotes greater resident engagement and builds trust.

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Scalable Solutions

Because every clerk’s office has its own unique set of challenges, the Clerk Productivity Bundle offers scalable solutions to ensure the technology addresses your city’s specific needs and objectives.

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One Vendor, One Vision for Clerks

Minimize expenses and eliminate the challenges of working in disparate systems. CivicPlus offers a unified development approach and roadmap, supported by former clerks committed to helping you craft integrated, seamless resident experiences. CivicPlus offers exceptional support and unmatched commitment to enhancing your office’s productivity through integrated product solutions.

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Want a one-stop solution for your clerks?

CivicPlus offers a bundled solution set that has everything you need. Fill out the form and get started today.