SeeClickFix Releases Conversations, A Multi-Channel Citizen Communications Tool

Written by Jessica Marabella

Simplify citizen interactions to maximize public service impact

A Multi-Channel Communications Tool from SeeClickFix

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SeeClickFix by CivicPlus® has released its latest tool, Conversations, a multi-channel citizen communications tool to help improve and simplify citizen interactions. With Conversations, inbound citizen messages from email, text, in-person, and digital media channels are consolidated into a single interface for rapid outbound response. Citizen communication histories are documented at the individual profile level to facilitate optimal service interactions. In addition, flexible internal processes and tools can be configured to ensure better service and more efficient internal workflows.

Taking a Client-Centered Approach

Understanding pain points, especially regarding managing and building citizen relationships, has made SeeClickFix an essential tool for citizens, public works, and local government leaders. To ensure Conversations includes the critical features and functionality that meet the demand for optimal public service, we partnered with a group of clients as part of the Alpha Testing phase before the product release to identify business requirements and expectations for best-in-class functionality. The inspiration for Conversations came from members of our #CPfamily and their input on the types of interactions needed to work more efficiently and improve citizen relationships. Key feedback and insights include:

  • Personalized one-to-one messages can help build positive civic experiences
  • Conversations and the CivicPlus® Chatbot®* combined with SeeClickFix’s well-established service request management solution opens opportunities for a hybrid digital and in-person service model
  • Conversations helps move requests along the service queue more efficiently
  • Advanced filtering provides more context for each team member tasked with handling each message
  • Keeping a record of citizen engagement can help build a robust contact list for future outreach

Empowering the Civic Experience

Local governments directly impact citizens’ lives because that’s where citizens live, work, play, and raise their families. Yet local governments are often perceived as inefficient or technologically behind. Local government leaders can invest in optimizing the civic experience through tools like Conversations to help support the interactions between local governments and the citizens they serve.

During our launch, we asked members of the #CPFamily how they currently address citizen communications and found:

  • 60% of inbound messages are primarily coming through phone calls
  • Over 40% of participants were not currently tracking interactions with citizens

Many participants expressed the need to go beyond the basics and saw Conversations as a tool to achieve three goals:

  • Personalized – one-to-one messaging adds a personal touch to citizen interactions
  • One-Stop – knowing all messages are reaching the local government gives assurance that messages will not be lost or delayed
  • Frictionless – Conversation’s multi-department access works behind the scenes to ensure all staff members can quickly respond to citizen messages with the right information

Get the benefits of Conversations

With Conversations, every citizen interaction becomes an opportunity for wow-worthy customer service. Citizens benefit from communicating with their local leaders using the communication tools they already use daily—such as text and email—to stay informed of activities, events, programming, and other local government business inquiries. And local field and administrative staff members can work together to coordinate responses, resulting in more efficient service delivery.

If you’re ready to build positive civic experiences with your citizens, click below to download product information.

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*CivicPlus Chatbot is powered by Frase