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Corona, CA: Conserves 4.4 Billion Gallons of Water with SeeClickFix

Keys to Project:

Citizen Engagement, Reporting


Corona, CA




In drought-prone California, water conservation is a big deal. From June 2015 through March 2018, the City of Corona (a SeeClickFix partner) conserved nearly 4.4 billion gallons of water, in part through resident request reporting.

Tom Moody, General Manager of the City of Corona Department of Water and Power, attributes the city’s success to the outstanding cooperation of the city’s residents and businesses.


“I am appreciative of the water conservation efforts of the residents and businesses of Corona and their diligence toward helping the City achieve our water conservation goals. Together we can continue to be more water conscious and preserve this precious resource.”


When the City of Corona adopted SeeClickFix in 2010, they saw the potential for resident requests to help with conservation efforts. The following water-related categories were included:

  • Water Conservation Issues (not in a Park/Parkway)
  • Water and Sewer Service Issues (Including Fire Hydrants and Water Lines)
  • Storm Drain Maintenance
  • Water Quality Issues
  • Storm Water Issues
  • Water Pressure Issues

City officials were right. To date, the city has received 1,175 resident requests related to water. Resident reporting allows residents to be involved, provides city officials new information they might not have otherwise had , and promotes 2-way, open, informative communication around a precious resource.


From adhering to state regulations, to building an effective water management plan, to engaging residents, Corona is committed to being a good steward of its water resources. And resident participation is a big piece of the puzzle.

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