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Los Altos, CA Implements Online Code Hosting


Los Altos, CA


Flag of the City of Los Altos, CA


Separate online code hosting, website, and agenda and meeting management systems created logistics management complications.


Implementing an integrated website, online code hosting solution, and agenda and meeting management system.


The City now has a detailed legislative history that will stay with its code.

Los Altos, California, is a long-time customer of our traditional codification services. After utilizing premium features and online code hosting, its leaders soon realized a CivicPlus® website would unify searching between its code, web content, and later, its meetings and agenda software.

When the Los Altos code went online, the staff realized how a robust search engine can increase transparency for its residents. However, users of the site could not search the site through one engine. In addition, the old Los Altos website needed a facelift to meet modern web standards, and the city wanted to integrate a meetings and agenda software to streamline their meetings process.

By implementing solutions from the Circle of Governance, Los Altos was able to achieve its goals. The new, visually stunning website is easier to navigate, allowing residents to find information quickly. A non-technical content management system ensures anyone on staff can update and manage content simply and efficiently. When Los Altos began to look for a meeting and agenda software, it made sense to partner again with Municode to modernize their meetings process. The biggest impact of combining all three solutions is the power of a unified search. This means every web page, code of ordinance, and meetings can be retrieved without having to create a separate search.


  • Los Altos now has a detailed legislative history that will stay with its Code, continue to track changes, and be at the front and center of the community
  • Los Altos’ community and staff have access to previous and current meetings and agendas, keeping them in the know
  • A unified search can retrieve content from their Code of ordinances, meetings, and web pages allowing staff and the community to have a seamless experience finding vital information

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