Challenge: The need for greater transparency

Solution: Make the County's code of ordinances and other public records easily available online

Result: Enhanced resident service, access, and accessibility

Keys to Project

Citizen relationship management, communication outreach, data management

Beaufort County, South Carolina, Chooses Municode Codification, Powered by CivicPlus®

​Beaufort County, South Carolina, wanted to expand its online resources for residents with solutions that would be simple enough for staff to handle. Before partnering with CivicPlus­® (formerly Municode), Beaufort County was looking for these resources to include an online platform for the county's Code of Ordinances, Community Development Code, and Committee and Council Minutes as well as an automated meeting software.

Before its acquisition by CivicPlus, Municode provided Beaufort County with codification services for two decades—and that relationship continues today.


Beaufort County, South Carolina

Over those twenty years, the way communities interact with their local government had drastically shifted. Previously, residents had to travel to the Beaufort County hall and flip through code books, and, in some instances, ask staff for assistance. Now, residents go online when looking for information, and Beaufort County recognized they needed to adapt. 

Thankfully for Beaufort County, CivicPlus' Civic Experience Platform includes Municode Codification, Online Code Hosting, MuniDocs, and Agenda and Meeting Management software. The County adopted as well and added both solutions along with their full-service codification. Beaufort County leverages CivicPlus' Online Code Hosting solution for its code of ordinances and development code while MuniDoc hosts council and various committee minutes.

Navigating pages and sections is also simple for residents and staff with an intuitive table of contents on the left and the document on the right. The platform is robust, with ordinances dating back to 1987, giving residents an entire history of their Code. MuniDocs utilizes a similar interface, ensuring ease of use across both channels. Uploading documents to each platform requires little technical training, ensuring they consistently remain updated. The CivicPlus Agenda and Meeting Management solution is a cost-effective solution that automates their meetings process with quick creation of agendas, even up to the last minute. This reduces stress for staff by saving time and cutting costs.

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