Challenge: The need for greater transparency and digital access to information

Solution: Implement an integrated Municipal Website and Municode Codification from CivicPlus

Result: Increased functionality, engagement, and features dedicated to transparency

Keys to Project

Citizen relationship management, communication outreach, data management

A Modern Website and Agenda and Meeting Management System in the City of Brisbane, CA 

The City of Brisbane, California needed both a modern website and a meeting management solution to automate its communication and engagement processes.

Before partnering with CivicPlus­® (formerly Municode), Brisbane wanted to expand transparency for its residents by integrating its code of ordinances and meeting minutes on its website.

These solutions now work together, creating one unified local government solution that reaches a new level of transparency.


Brisbane, California

Brisbane has utilized Municode codification services for over a decade. As this partnership developed, the City's leaders soon added online code hosting to their suite of solutions. While this benefited residents, the code was not integrated into the website's search engine. Staff was also seeking a new meeting and agenda management system to make their meetings process easier so that City leaders can archive all meetings minutes documents online.

"We had never had a formal Agenda & Meeting management system and knew what would work best for the organization, and the software met our needs. An example being its ability to timestamp youtube video files. We also appreciate the support we received as migrating over years' worth of agendas was no small task." 
-Caroline Chung, Communications Manager, Brisbane CA 

Today, the City of Brisbane's website is visually stunning, easy to navigate, and simple enough to manage for non-technical staff. While the site boasts many new and exciting features for the city, the real power comes from its integration with the City's online code, meetings minutes, and agendas.

When new code is approved or when agendas and minutes are created, staff can instantly publish them on the website for residents to view. The creation of agendas saves staff time as they can be created quickly, even up to the minutes before a meeting. Also available is a detailed legislative history and archived minutes, giving staff and residents alike a look into how their local government has adapted over time. 

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